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Unable to publish data set and report fails to load

Hi, I m trying to do manual refresh by loading data from Power BI Desktop. It was working fine until yesterday, ...But then today even when there hasn't been any change to the report (except for data load) I m unable to publish the report nor am I able to view previous day's data on dashboard/ from report


I don't know what needs to be done !!!  Im unable to publish this with a different name/ to a different workspace






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Is this issue specific to one of your PBIX files, or you cannot publish any of your reports to Service? What is your data source and can you try to publish through getting data in PBI Service like below?


publish pbix error_1.jpg


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The issue was wrt a single data set and not PBIX file. I/ my colleague manually refreshed data in PBIX and published reports as gateway is not configured. We downloaded PBIX from and tried to publish from two different machines(in my login and my colleagues login). However, the publish failed for both of us and we tried atleast 3-4  times in both the logins. Publish, however succeeded for other datasets.


Don't know what happened. It started to work again after an hr, when I signed out and signed back into, restarted PBI Desktop and published the same PBIX !!!