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Query refresh displays only the "Evaluating..." stage

After the last Power BI Desktop Update - 2.97.801.0 64-bit (September 2021) - when I click Refresh Query, I see all my queries listed as "Evaluating..." and that's all! The data actually does refresh in time, but I don't see the other phases like connecting, getting data, and the number of rows downloaded as before.
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I am also experiencing this - in my case the query statusus are all stuck on "Creating connection in model..." but never show the number of rows loaded.



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I have the same issue with this Power BI Desktop version. Please fix it asap!!!

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The issue is reported internally and I will keep you posted with any updates.

IcM 263271425

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I'm still on the August version.  The desktop now seems to use 99% of my available memory and doesn't update anything.  The dataloading just runs indefinitely.  I also can't Apply Changes or recover files.  It simply won't respond.

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I am experiencing the same issue. Please fix it ASAP. Thank you.

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Same thing with my reports. Had to revert to August version. 

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Same Issue, PBI shows only Evaluating, in the Background the Data seems to be downloaded, also my System is on HD/Memory and CPU at nearly 100%, had this never with previous Version !!!

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We are experiencing the same issue. After the upgrade to sep 2021 our report refresh are stuck at "Creating connection in model" and never brings back data.


Any microsoft docs link or eta on resolution of this issue.


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We are having the exact same issue, datasets that used to refresh within a few minutes on PBI desktop are now getting stuck at "Creating connection to model" for a very very long duration. 

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Also impacted by this issue.


Edit - Should also add that I'm seeing this issue on three different machines. I was using the version number quoted in the inital post but I've noticed a new version (2.97.681.0) was released on Friday (24/09). I've updated all machines to use this version and I am still getting the same issue. Not that it should matter but two of the machines use the Windows Store version of the app and the other machine use the version you have to download.


In my case I'm connecting to 3 different PBI Dataflows and attempting to bring in a table from each of them. I've used both the new Dataflows connector and the Power BI Dataflows connector both result in this issue.


I've managed to reinstall version 2.96.1061.0 and I'm unable to replicate the problem so far suggesting that the root cause of the issue lies in versions 2.97.801.0 and 2.97.681.0.