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Power BI Desktop WebView2 crash

Power BI is experiencing a problem with WebView2. We need your help to understand and fix this issue. If you are willing to help out, please contact us at

Status: Delivered

Hi all ,

We have noticed your problem, this problem is mostly related to the environment, usually anti-virus and code integrity conflict, or webview2 should be upgraded, you can refer to this document below.

Resolve startup issues with Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

If the problem still exists, you need to collect logs for further troubleshooting.Since community support engineers don't have that access, I would suggest opening a Support Ticket. And a dedicated Microsoft engineer will come to solve the problem for you.

It would be great if you continue to share in this issue to help others with similar problems after you know the root cause or solution.

The link of Power BI Support:

For how to create a support ticket, please refer to


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @Anonymous ,


Sorry, but we couldn’t provide any support outside this post. There are several existing ICM(292502976, 294087216) related to WebView2 crash, and product group is investigating on such issue. Will follow up them and sync here once there is update. In addition, please make sure you are using latest version of Power BI Desktop and try different versions of WebView2 at the same time. Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

Microsoft Employee

I got this error also.   Power BI desktop was just full screen, all black, with a message box saying "Power BI is experiencing a problem with WebView2. "

Regular Visitor

I experienced this issue while initiating a restart for windows updates. Windows was trying to restart, said that it was having problems closing some apps (of which Power BI Desktop was one), so I clicked Cancel so that I could manually close the apps. This is when Power BI appeared with a full black screen and gave the WebView2 error.

Post Prodigy

I am experiencing this issue.

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Would you all be willing to help out to understand what is going on here. We would need more logs to understand the root cause. Here are the logs we need to understand more :

You can share them out at  or if you are not sure how to go about gathering this information, reach out to and we can get on a call work with you to get the issue sorted. 



Helper I

I am having this issue as well.

Memorable Member

I think I struck a similar issue, but my symptom was a "Black Screen of Death" as Power BI was opening a second pbix file. Both my monitors went black, and there was no response to any keyboard or mouse input.  The only thing I could do was hard power-off.


I turned off that preview feature, and it hasn't re-occurred since.  There was no webview2 crash file recorded.


I trust the Power BI product team will eliminate all these issues before rolling this feature out of preview. As it stands it might cause reputational damage to the product.

Advocate II

Has this been resolved?

Over the last year almost every update has had bugs or Microsoft have updated a feature with an inferior change.  
I have been using Power BI for 5+ year and I'm about to switching to Tableau if this continues.

Advocate III

I just got this issue. It happened earlier few months ago, disappeared and is now back. 


I canceled applying the changes to queries because it seemed to take long time and then I got this error. After I reopened Desktop and continued working, everything seems to work ok - maybe it was something to do with the Cancel operation?


I have WebView2 version 101.0.1210.9 and Power BI Desktop 2.104.941.0.

Regular Visitor

When I double clicked a .pbix to open it, I got this error. When I opened it from within the app it was fine.