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Helper V
Helper V

Views from SQL Endpoint/DW not showing up when creating a new dataset in Fabric

I am testing out Fabric in the preview/trial version. 


Here's what I did:-

1. Created a Lakehouse. 

2. Imported some Salesforce data using a Dataflow Gen2 with destination as Lakehouse. 

3. Opened up the SQL endpoint and I see the table I imported

4. Created a view using the data from the table

5. Created a new dataset and tried to import the view. However, the view does not show up in the list. 


Is there any reason why it wouldn't show up or is it just a bug?




Frequent Visitor

I have the same experiance too. I do have an open ticket on this, so i have shared this thread into my ticket. If i hear anything before you guys, I will share back here. 

Frequent Visitor

I came across exactly the same! In a DWH I cannot use views in a dataset whatsoever.

In LakeHouse, I can use views in the default dataset, but I cannot use the same views in a 'New Power BI dataset'


Looking forward to a solution.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

some related questions:

We can create views in the DWH, but we can't do so much with them, especially we can't use them in Notebooks.


Then my idea was to create required views directly in the lakehouse, using notebooks. This is how we do on "normal" databricks / lakehouse projects.


But views are not created in the Fabric Lakehouse. The Spark SQL is fine and don't causes issues. Is it a bug?
In "normal" Databricks notebooks on a "normal" databricks instance this works fine.


How to work with fabric?
- we can't create views in the lakehouse

- we must create views in the DWH, but we can't access them in the lakehouse. My vision of "OneLake" is a bit different.

- we can't create tables in the DWH, but only in the lakehouse


As a BI developer I would like to be able to work in one logical environment:
- if I can create tables only in the lakehouse, I should also be able to create views in the lakehouse.

- if I must create views in the DWH (and I like, that I can use TSQL instead of Spark SQL to create them!), it would be very useful, to get access to these views also in the lakehouse and in all other OneLake-consumers.

- it would be useful, if we could create tables also in the DWH. This would meet my understanding of OneLake. This way I could work in a usual way: Using SSMS (or Azure Data Studio), having all the code and logic in one place


I hope Version Control is on the roadmap, not only for Power BI reports. I would never develop something to be used in production which is not under version control.

Why we can't get the "normal" Databricks GUI on top of the lakehouse? It has git integration for notebooks, built in formatting for notebooks (buggy when formatting comments, but these bugs will be solved, I hope)


And I agree, a structured place to report issues would be very fine. A community forum is not the best way to report issues.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @vickyd  @parry2k 

Thanks for reporting this issues . Let me go back to the internal team and get more insight to this issue .


Thanks @HimanshuS-msft  . Is this is the right way to report any issues or is there another mechanism? I've encountered a bunch of issues while testing out the preview so want to make sure I'm following the right process to report them. 

Super User
Super User

@vickyd Yes I also came across the same issue, seems like it is a bug. 

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