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Advocate V

Anyone else unable to deploy a data warehouse with relationships?

Greetings, community. Is anyone else having problems deploying data warehouses that have a relationship via a deployment pipeline? I am able to deploy a data warehouse with no relationships created just fine, but as soon as I use the model view to relate tables and then attempt to deploy, the deployment fails with the message "Deployment couldn't be completed" and an Import failure: DmsImportDatabaseException error.



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Hi all we are a similar issue but as @SimonMusa mentioned it's not the exact issue you guys are getting. Hope this helps someone too.

Having spoken to microsoft - it's a known bug possibly raised by you fine chaps.

They have given me a reason as to this, it's when you are using datawarehouse from deployment workspace to another and the character length of the creation of the tables is greater than 8000 characters long. This causes the issue. Or if the column count is greater than 8000.

There is a workaround for this.

In your dwh narrow the tables that you are using so that the create statement is less than 8000 characters long or that you do not have more than 8000 columns.

This is our error:

Screen Shot 2024-05-02 at 21.58.09.jpg

You can get this error if you go to your DWH and click the download SQL database project - that should surface the proper error if you can't see the error in your deployment screens.

Good luck to everyone I am also awaiting an ETA for this but this has for now unblocked us as we are able to narrow the tables from our dataverse source.

I think that might be a different issue. I set up a test environment with two tables with two columns each and the failure only happens when there is a relationship between the two tables  in the model. They have acknowledged the problem and it should be fixed in the May update.


OK thanks for the update. I will close this comment off as it may be different but the result is the same unable to migrate to the other workspaces.


Advocate V
Advocate V

Thanks for the reply, @grisensko. I've had the same issues happen with both a "production" (or, at least, needs to go to Production) data warehouse and a brand new data warehouse with tiny tables (e.g., 1-3 columns).


So as an example, I have a brand new data warehouse with two tables in two schemas:




I can deploy that data warehouse successfully. However, when I create a relationship in the DW like so:




And then I try to deploy, I get this error:



Hi @arpost 


Apologies for the delay in response from my end.

Please reach out to our support team to gain deeper insights and explore potential solutions. It's highly recommended that you reach out to our support team. Their expertise will be invaluable in suggesting the most appropriate approach.

Please go ahead and raise a support ticket to reach our support team:

After creating a Support ticket please provide the ticket number as it would help us to track for more information.


Thank you.

@v-cboorla-msft, thanks for the reply. I reported it to Microsoft back in March, and it has been over a month of back-and-forth now. They've been unable to determine the cause of the issue and have had trouble identifying it. I was able to help them narrow the issue down to having to do with relationships, but as of right now, there is still no fix in sight.


I am hoping others in the community will chime in on this thread and report this to MS Support also as I haven't seen this bug mentioned in any of the Known Issues documentation I've found, but it is a pretty significant issue, so I'm hoping it will get on there soon.

Hi @arpost 


If you could share the support ticket number that would be greatly appreciated. This will allow us to track the progress of your request and ensure you receive the most efficient support possible.



Ticket #2403200040011534

Hi @arpost 


Thank you for sharing the ticket number.



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On my side I have successfully deployed Warehouse using deployement Pipeline, but only really simple one.


I can create an empty simple table..add content to it, and it and it work for deploy.


But if I crate a empty table with the create table script greater than 4000 char, the pipeline comparison fails and cannot be deployed.


You might have the save issues? is your table definition big?

@grisensko, did you report your issue to Microsoft?

I did, I have a phone call with them today about this issues. I'll keep the thread updated.

Have you had any updates from MS on this? We have the same problem and it is really frustrating as it is the last thing stopping us deploying our workspace to multiple environments

Got a email from them that the product team is looking into it. Apparently they found an issues related to a string aggregation.

I have asked for an ETA but no estimate yet.

@SimonMusa, the most recent email I got was asking if the Source and Target capacities are in the same region. In our scenario, both workspaces were set up in the same capacity, so regions should be the same. Haven't heard anything back.

UPDATE: Got the following from Microsoft:


We got an update from the Product Team that it has been found that your issue is a bug which has been identified and the Product Team is working on it and they have given the ETA for this within two weeks. 


Was also given an ETA of Friday MAy 10 Frist....


But they changed it this week and told me it would be part of the release train being scheduled  in the first or second week of June. 😞

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