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Advocate III
Advocate III

Getting Similar Result from a Flat OData Connection Result

Hi Friends,


I am working with Pass Rate Trends from Azure DevOps Pipelines and following documentation below. 


The document is the following query to get data and the query is only for a Single named Pipeline and is already grouped.


   Source = OData.Feed ("{organization}/{project}/_odata/v3.0-preview/PipelineRuns?"
        &"$apply=filter( "
                &"Pipeline/PipelineName eq '{pipelineName}' "
                &"and CompletedDate ge {startdate} "
                &"and CanceledCount ne 1 "
        &") "
        &"/groupby( "
            &"(CompletedOn/Date), "
                &"aggregate "
                &"($count as TotalCount, "
            &"SucceededCount with sum as SucceededCount , "
                &"FailedCount with sum as FailedCount, "
            &"PartiallySucceededCount with sum as PartiallySucceededCount)) "
        &"/compute( "
    &"SucceededCount mul 100.0 div TotalCount as PassRate, "
    &"FailedCount mul 100.0 div TotalCount as FailRate, "
    &"PartiallySucceededCount mul 100.0 div TotalCount as PartiallySuccessfulRate) "
    &"&$orderby=CompletedOn/Date asc "
    ,null, [Implementation="2.0",OmitValues = ODataOmitValues.Nulls,ODataVersion = 4]) 


In my case I am using a Flat query as below:{OrgName}/{ProjectName}/_odata/v3.0-preview/PipelineRuns?$apply=filter(CompletedDate ge 2023-06-01Z)


This will pull all Pipelines and the user will select the Pipeline that they wanted to see the Pass Rate Trend. I think using the named pipeline in the $apply=filter of the example code above is the same as allowing users to select the Pipeline from a dropdown.


As I am new to OData and PBI so looking for help/guidance to help me achieve the same result specific to getting the aggregated output based on Group By from a Flat Query.


Please suggest what shall be done to get: TotalCount, SucceededCount, FailedCount, PartiallySucceededCount ?





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