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New Member

DAX Virtual row context?

Hi Guys,

I Have calulations around search volume that works well when I have rows in the context
i.e To Calulate Search Volume of the Label I Divide search volume by Search Volume (all keyword/brands/subcategories)
see below working fine



Code to calulate search volume label:

Search Volume (Labels) = CALCULATE(
    SUM( 'Search Volume'[Search Volume] ) ,
    ALL(Keyword[Subcategory] ),
    ALL('Product'[Brand] ),
    ALL('Keyword'[keyword] )    

Keyword level calcs



I was wondering if there is a way to retain the same values when I remove labels from the visual? - for example always pads should return 32,995 (word always has one label value)
after labels are removed I have wrong totals



I was trying summarize/addcolumns/values etc but never was able to get to the correct number, any ideas?

Many Thanks

Super User
Super User

Hi @Rembed8742 

Please try

Search Volume (Labels) 2 =
SUMX ( VALUES ( 'Table'[Label] ), [Search Volume (Labels)] )

Not working, sumx + values creates virtual Table on the list of values and then sum all 

Search Volume (Labels) values, this returns total, 

I Want to simulate below
keyword, label ,search volume
kw 1, branded,  100
kw 2,  branded, 50
kw 3,  non branded, 100
New Measure shoud return 200 for Branded kw and 50 for non branded, (when Label is not part of the visual)

Thank you @tamerj1 

Hi, @Rembed8742 

Maybe you can try using the summarize function to achieve something similar. First of all, you need to implement your summation in the summary, such as the sum of labels:


Since there is no label in your visual, we need to use your existing label to get this value, such as keyword:


Here are the results:


In the analog data you provided, branded is 150.How did you calculate that it was 200? The above is how to keep the current calculation in the visual if there is no corresponding label. You can adjust it appropriately to suit your actual situation.



Best Regards

Jianpeng Li

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