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Helper V
Helper V

Cumulative funnel chart shows empty and 'OK' values

Hi all,

I need to create a cumulative funnel where I show how many candidates moved through a recruiting pipeline.


The pipeline has several steps e.g. new applicant, candidates screen etc... The stages relevant are the one with the column 'Stage type'=Application as shown below 



I created the funnel below with the following formula
FunnelChart =
        COUNTROWS(LevOpportunityApp_applications),    FILTER (
                ALL ( 'LeverStages_order/type'), 'LeverStages_order/type'[Stage order] >= MAX( 'LeverStages_order/type'[Stage order] )

but I have 2 issues;
1. The executive evaluation steps shows the sum of everything due to the fact that such step didn't have any Candidates at all. Do you have any suggestions on how to not show these status if their value is zero? I can't use a filter on this step for this graph because such statuses MIGHT be populated in the future.
2. The New applicant value shows OK instead of the correct percentage, and the OK appears also if I show the integer number of candidates per pipeline

Immagine 2023-05-04 182934.png


These are the tables, their data and how they are connected. Table 1 has the data I want to count while table 3 is the order table. 

Immagine 2023-05-04 183701.png
Can you help me?




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