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Selection Pane Improvements

Working with the Z order and the selection pane is currently really tedious. This feature often becomes slow and unresponsive in some situations, doesn't drop objects where you tell it to, scrolls when you don't want it to scroll, etc. It would be great if this pane actually showed you a numerical Z order next to each object which you could then change by simply typing in a number (this would be very helpful when working on reports with a lot of objects). The object would then take the place of whichever object already has that Z value, and would bump the Z value for the previous object and everything behind it up by 1. It would also be great if you could use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move objects up and down in the selection pane without having to click and drag. As mentioned above, this can be really buggy in some environments (currently working in a VM where this is an issue).

Status: New