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PBI Desktop UI Enhancements - Follow the Process



I have used Power BI for a little bit now. I was using another application for analytics and tested some others. Given that experience, I think some improvements can be made to the user interface to help with adoption. I work in the government and many come into Power BI with Excel experience, but vast majority have never used Power Query in Excel and database theory was never learned either. So with a combination of not knowing that plus I think with the way the UI is designed leads many to DirectQuery + DAX along with poor modeling, which leads to performance issues and the inevitable, "Why is my report slow?"


Here is my idea:


The left side panel should have 5 icons that reflect the process and should show in this order top to bottom:

     • Get Data - When you click this you get options to "Get Data"

     • Transform - This opens Power Query

     • Relate - After transforming, make relationships

     • Model - Where you do your DAX, hide fields, etc. Currently "Data" tab, although most I guess do in Report.

     • Report - Where you build your visuals


I have have shared screens with many people learning Power BI and oftentimes many do not even click "Data" or "Model" at all. Because "Transform Data" is smack in the middle of the top ribbon, vast majority never click that either. If the left side followed the process of what should happen, I think many would be able to visually follow the happy path of data modeling and see better outcomes.


Thanks for your consideration. 



Status: New