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DAX + LAMBDA and share to Service

It would be nice to be able to write LAMBDA functions (like you can in Excel now) and be able to publish to the service. Then, anyone with rights could pull those functions down and reuse as necessary.


Power BI and Fabric has a lot of really awesome development features, but most folks may not be that savvy on best practices and may not have the ability to install all of the pro tools available.


A use case for this would be a central BI team or workspace admin publishing a library of LAMBDA DAX functions that people could use for their own analysis. This could help with user adoption and learning.


I realize that you could just use the measures built, but just getting the finished product all of the time just supports too much reliance on a centralized BI team or workspace admin.


This LAMBDA could also be used in Power Pivot provided it is also built into Excel and the DAX called also is available in Excel.

Status: New