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Add time slicer for relative time (i.e. 7 days, 30 days, etc.)

Currently, you can use the Time Slicer, which gives you a slider bar, or the regular slicer which puts each date in a button rather than allowing the user to group the dates logically.  To work around this, there are multiple options but they aren't straight forward.

Request:  Provide a relative time slicer that supports buttons (not a slider bar) for either pre-set relative dates or custom relative dates such as 7 days (today - 7d), 30 days, etc.  After searching for a few days, I've found that many people have been attempting this using different methods but it would be a valuable option if a Time Slicer existed for Relative Time.  I've also noticed requests for a time of day slicer but I'm not sure if there's a need for a relative time of day slicer.


Status: New