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A Between option for the Relative Date Filter

Hello Everyone,


A common issue i often come accross when building reports is finding the best way to show date filtering and also keep the dates dynamic.

The Relative Date option for the Slicer is an awesome tool, but it sadly has a major drawback.

My customers are not able to both view back and forward in time at the same time.


This is especially an issue when dealing with forecasts, since holding a forcast up to historic values is very important.


What i suggest is to add a "Between" or "Combine" option under the "Last", "Next" and "This" options.

So the customer can choose to see 4 months back and 3 months ahead for instance, since today this needs to be hardcoded into a calendar table, if the date also needs to move dynamically.  


I believe that this change would please a lot og users and make the "Relative Date" option much more useable.


Thanks in advance

Status: New