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"Visual has exceeded the available resources" when building a chart based on VSO

I want to build a Line and Stacked Column Chart to represent trend of #of Tasks assigned to the current Sprint, together with hours of Original Estimate and hours of Remainining Work. Two lines are listed perfectly, and the chart then turned to the following error once I dragged and dropped Tasks into Column Values. Am I doing anything wrong? Thank you for your advice!






@eileenzhou I tried this out and got the same error, I wonder if it is due to having 2 values in the line area, or if it is due to the date. Try using a higher time agreggate first like month and working your way down. You may discover a data anomoly or something that doesn't make sense. If it turns out to be a granularity issue, than send a frowny face because you should have the option to go down to date level.

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Thank you for the suggestion!


Changing Axis from Date to Month did show up both two lines and the bar, I even can add another line to display original estimate, remaining work and completed work together with the story points#. But once I started to add Date under Month and tried the Drill Mode, it turned into the same error.  

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