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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

i dont see an option to pin a paginated report to my dashboard

hi.  i created a dashboard and had no problem pinning my matrix based viz to it.  but when i went to pin my paginated report to the same dashboard, there doesnt even seem to be an option to do so.  i did click edit in report builder but got some weird message saying i hadnt downloaded the latest rb which i dont believe to be true but i gave up on that path.  this is where i got the idea this is possible...  


Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

not sure i understand Ibendlin.  By PBI standard I assume you mean non paginated visuals (eg matrix etc).  But the reason its paginated in the first place is because there is no way to develop this particular kind of report format any other way.  And can you explain "pin the entire page"?  Its the only report on the page.  I didnt see an option to pin an entire page.

Instead of (or after) using Report Builder you can choose to use Power BI Desktop and use a Paginated Reports visual inside a "standard"  Power BI report page.




sorry, i know i'm being dumb but here is a picture of the 2 dead ends i encountered in trying to do what you say.  In the first I am in the desktop locally hoping to point at my existing rdl created from rb.  In the second (just following the instruction shown in the first attempt) I am in the service hoping to add a paginated report i already have published.  I'm lost.  Is it possible that the only way I'll get away with this is to create/reuse pbi like (not rb/ssrs like) datasets? 




Continue with the first picture. Sign in to Power BI as instructed.

this was pretty bizarre.  The best I can tell, 1) forget about adding a paginated report visual locally in desktop.  You have to be in the service and there is nothing gained by starting up the local instance of pbi desktop.  To me this means your rdl better be published already.  2)  in order to create a visual (paginated via report builder is something else and a different choice) in a report, you have to create or reuse a dataset in the service.   The weird thing is that rdls already have their own ssrs like datasets.   Nonetheless the dataset you choose seems like pbi wants to associate it with your report parameters.  Which would be weird if you dont have any report parameters.  If you choose an existing service dataset, MS automatically subscribes (at least it says it is doing so) you to a free 60 day trial of the "for pay" flavor of pbi.  3) ultimately you "connect" to an existing paginated report from the paginated report design visual.  And you can pin from there.  4) i dont know if this is always true but when i then ran the dashboard, the paginated tile just kept showing the spinning image.  Only when i clicked on it was i redirected to an immediate rendering of my paginated report. 


This is all pretty weird from a lot of angles.

when you click on a dashboard tile you will be taken to the underlying report page.  Bit of a red herring.


The spinny thing is likely the dashboard trying to re-render your paginated report and you being impatient 🙂

Super User
Super User

Quirky workaround: instead of pinning the paginated report put the paginated report in a visual in Power BI standard and pin it from there.  Or pin the entire page.

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