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Community Champion
Community Champion

desperately seeking credentials

Had an issue with data sets refusing to refresh due to an internal service connection error. Started working with Microsoft and completed each step that was asked of me up to and including regedit changes. Now, NONE of my datasets will refresh and the error says "Cannot decrypt the credential for data source NewPbiDataSource_d201fa17-dede-46e0-86fe-27a98ad5f256. The detailed error message is The credential and/or settings for the data source <ID:d201fa17-dede-46e0-86fe-27a98ad5f256> has been corrupted. This could be caused by reinstallation of the gateway, or the encryption key/certificate for current gateway has been changed. You may need to provide the credentials for the data source again using the portal. "

When I go to edit the credentials, however, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) shows up under edit credentials. It is just a blank space. This affects every single dataset of mine and in the data group I created. I have to get this working again as soon as possible. Can anyone help me?
I have reinstalled the gateway. I have rolled back the desktop version and the gateway version. I have even restored my computer to a previous time before the initial issue occured. The pbix file refreshes in the desktop.



FYI, my ticket is still open with Microsoft but it isnt working.

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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @kcantor and @sguenther,


There is already an existing issue reported internally to Power BI Team: CRI 27418567


I’ll keep an eye on it and post here once there is any update.



Charlie Liao


@v-caliao-msft @sguenther

I worked with the team for more than a week with no resolution. Still waiting for an answer. Was told my issue was archived as I have a cobbled together workaround.

So, the issue may exist but archived sounds to me like it is considered a non-issue and no solution is forthcoming.


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@kcantor@v-caliao-msft a non-issue? PowerBI is unusable for my entire company since this bug came up? Datasets which can not be updated make a reporting useless. This is a product-breaking bug!

I don't know how this can be such a big issue. It was working before and somebody must have made a mistake.


I wanted to keep using the Personal gateway but as our data was necessary to our work, I was force migrated to the on premise gateway. At that point, I was told that it was working so my ticket would be archived. Did not sound like they were planning to expend much effort in fixing it. I stated as much and said the next update might contain a fix that if it didn't start working I could check back in about a week or two.

I am not happy with that answer.

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@kcantor @v-caliao-msft seems to work again for me. Thanks for the quick fix!

Will keep you updated if the status changes again.

@v-caliao-msft thank you very much. This may be the issue I reported.

Community Champion
Community Champion

And when I say my credentials are gone . . . this is what I mean. This is a snip of credentials expanded out. There should be two sources: DimDate and Sql server. Please help!


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Still seeking credentials.

I am not alone, others are missing them as well.

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Have the same bug and need an urgent fix. Otherwise no data refersh over the weekend:


Please fix!

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