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Your file was published but disconnect

I have a report in desktop built from three datasets of three other reports and an additional Excel file source, the connection is direct query as I could add more than one source in another way.


In desktop everything works great but we I try to publish the report to online service I get the following message:

"file.pbix was disconnected from one or more data sources. to reconnect, go to dataset settings or ask the dataset owner for help"


Can somebody help me with that please?




Helper V
Helper V

This seems like a bug. I encountered the same issue, with a report that only had SharePoint Online as a data source so no gateway required. I simply turned off the gateway connection in the gateway settings (it was turned on by default after publishing) and then I can (schedule) refresh without any issues.

I tried this.. but the referesh didnt work automatically after I disabled the gateway.. I have a sharepoint Online data source too

Frequent Visitor

I have the same issue but it's so weird to me cause I've never seen this message before. Do you know if that is some kind of new feature?


Anyway, what I don't understand is how to publish without disconnecting the dataset to the gateway. That could be a problem.. do you know how?

I think it is a new update or feature, but for me, I went to online service, went to every dataset and applied the gateway to them one-by-one and it worked. Actually, I did that after deleting the dataset with the direct query as I could not solve the issue

My problem is that I cannot reconnect the gateway cause I don't have it in my pc ( and I'm not an expert of gateways ). Do you know if I could connect it without being the creator or the owner? Maybe they should allow me as user of the gateway?

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Yes, we've been seeing this too, only for newly published reports.  I believe it means that your dataset in the service has become disconnected from your data source and cannot be refreshed.  To fix, go to the workspace where you published your report, and in the dataset settings either assign a gateway data source or provide credentials for cloud sources.


Your report will still work in the service, just you will not be able to refresh it in the service (on-demand or scheduled).  You can always republish from desktop if you don't want or need to refresh through the service.


Hope this helps,

We have seen this for existing reports as well, but not all.  I'm curious if it has something to do with metadata changes in the dataset?  Even for existing reports that generate this error, the assigned gateway connections in the service are still intact and have never had any issues related to the local error.  We are puzzled by it as well, but it hasn't really translated into any real issues for us yet *knock on wood*.

The issue is that I need scheduled update, for that reason I removed the data set and added a new one with the other type of connection (not direct connection)

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