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Xero linked to Power BI but no data


I've just linked my xero file to Power BI but the dashboards are empty.  

Why is this?

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.07.06 PM.png





Hi Numbersanswers,


The dashboard will initially show all tiles with the Power BI logo while the back end is still loading data from Xero's servers. This process usually takes less than five minutes but depending on the amount of data may take longer.


So that's the reason your dashboard might temporarily look like the screenshot you shared. If it has been awhile and your dashboard still looks like that, it is possible that you had an instantiation failure. Each time you click 'Get Data', and go through the Xero login process, you create a new set of Dashboard/Report/Dataset artifacts. It is possible that you have a set of artifacts that did not properly instantiate. Expand the left menu by clicking the button marked A in the image below:




Here I have 3 sets of artifacts--one that is in a good state and two that are not. It is the most recent Xero instantiation that worked (you can tell from the yellow triangles in area B). Its associate artifacts work fine (the third Xero item in Datasets, the third Xero item in Reports, and the third Xero item in Dashboards). You can see that the third Xero Dashboard is selected and some of the tiles in the dashboard are showing data in my screenshot.


Unfortunately, the default behavior in Power BI is to display the top item in the list of Dashboards when I first visit Thus, when I visit, it shows initially the dashboard from the top Xero artifact--a broken dashboard full of empty tiles like you have shown. The solution in this case is to remove all broken artifacts (Dataset/Report/Dashboard) by clicking on the ... context menu and selecting 'Remove'.


The most common cause of instantiation failures is that users begin an instantiation, think that nothing is happening (because it takes a while), and then start another instantiation while the first is still running. The Xero backend does not support multiple simultaneous connections so the first instantiation fails. The above steps should solve this problem.


It is possible that you have experienced an instantiation failure with a differernt root cause. If this is the case, all of your artifacts will be broken. Remove them all and begin a fresh instantiation. Wait patiently for the instantiation to fail, and then post the complete error message here (including ActivityID) and we will investigate further.




New Member



Just linked my xero account and no data is coming through so all the dashboards are blank....


How do I fix this?

Check your email do you have something like 



I have tried to link a few xero files some have worked... eventually. Most not working though. not sure if its a free version vs pro version limitation (i.e pay money it might actually work).

I just signed up today, ADDED Xero and No Data !


Has anyone found a solution ?

Me too! Just purchased the pro addition and now I can't link Xero. Microsoft office support at a cost of $500, yeah right! What are we meant to do in this circumstances. Obviously there are multiple people having this problem! Microsoft needs to step in here.

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