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Workspace can't be deleted because it says it's included in a deployment pipeline - which it isn't

I've a premium workspace that I want to delete. It has no content of any kind.

When I try to delete it via workspace setting I get the follow error message:


"Workspace can't be deleted" 

This workspace is included in a deployment pipeline. Before deleting the workspace here, you must first remove it from the pipeline.

Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


I am admin of the workspace.

I have the Power BI Admin role.

The workspace is not in a pipeline.

I've run "GET  to show my pipelines, and this workspace is not in a pipeline.

As a result I can't delete the workspace. I've got this on a small number of empty workspaces.


Any ideas, or anything else I can try?

Resolver II
Resolver II

We had the same issue some time ago. In our case, an orphaned pipeline caused the problem - the owner had left the company and we could only see the pipeline using the admin API.



New Member



Did you manage to resolve this issue? I have the same.




Hi @PKSI , @RMAHON , @flowerkowski , @carbobox , @Alisea_MI ,


I am wondering if there ever WAS a pipeline and it was deleted?  If there is a pipeline that ownership needs to be taken over, then perhaps this thread helps?

Transferring ownership of reports in Power BI Serv... - Microsoft Fabric Community


If not, I would suggest that one of you with this issue contact Microsoft Support and see if they can give us all the right answer.  You can contact them here: Power Platform admin center (

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Yes, it our case it turned out to be an orphaned pipeline  a colleague had left the company and didn't transfer the ownership. We managed to find it using some Admin APIs.


Yes, this was same in our case. Using the Admin API we assigned new owner to the pipeline, deleted it and then deleted the workspace. 

Hi @PKSI , 
If a workspace cannot be deleted because it is assigned to a deployment pipeline (the error message indicates it when trying to delete the ws and it doesn't have the button of 'create deployment pipeline' in the workspace page), then a Power BI admin should be able to use the admin APIs to view where the workspace is assigned to and then delete it. see more details here: Admin - Pipelines GetPipelinesAsAdmin - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Learn


Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi @carbobox@otravers  did you find a solution for this problem? From your screenshot I see that your workspace is in a pipeline called Development:


I have the same issue, I have not created the pipeline called Test for my workspace, I am admin of the workspace and Tenant admin and I cannot delete the pipeline if I did not create it:



If anyone has a solution for this I would be grateful.

I get the same error when calling the Delete Group API call:





Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi, @carbobox ! 

I am having exactly the same issue. Did you manage to solve yours?


Bets regards


Community Champion
Community Champion

Have you seen the following thread? This could be a dependency across workspaces:

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Thanks for that, and the speedy reply.

I've seen that thread. There is no content in the workspace at all, so I can see there is no datasets from any another workspace.


There is no "Create a pipeline" option available, see the image, but it does appear to be in pipeline although, as mentioned, I've only one pipeline in my tenant, and this workspace is not in it. I was going to try the API to remove a workspace from an pipeline, but I can't do that because it's not in a pipeline (and the API needs the pipeline ID to remove the workspace).


I've aslo tried changing the workspace from a premium workspace to see if that change anything, but get the same error.


Thanks for your help.

Since you want to delete the workspace entirely, have you tried the following API call to see whether it accepts to work unlike the UI?

1. How to get your question answered quickly - good questions get good answers!
2. Learning how to fish > being spoon-fed without active thinking.
3. Please accept as a solution posts that resolve your questions.
BI Blog: Datamarts | RLS/OLS | Dev Tools | Languages | Aggregations | XMLA/APIs | Field Parameters | Custom Visuals


Thanks, I tried, error stating connected to pipeline, like the UI:


{ "error": { "code": "ALM_InvalidRequest_CannotDisableFoldersThatAreConnectedToAnyALMPipeline", "pbi.error": { "code": "ALM_InvalidRequest_CannotDisableFoldersThatAreConnectedToAnyALMPipeline", "parameters": {}, "details": [], "exceptionCulprit": 1 } } }



Hi Carbobox,


Did you resolve this?  I have the same problem.





Yes I resolved it with the REST APIs in powershell.  This might save you some time:



# View all pipelines and get the GUID for the one you want to delete.
Invoke-PowerBIRestMethod -url '' -Method GET

# Add my service account to the pipeline
$body="{ 'identifier': '', 'accessRight': 'Admin', 'principalType': 'User'}"
Invoke-PowerBIRestMethod -url "{GUID}/users" -Method Post -body $body

# Delete the pipeline
Invoke-PowerBIRestMethod -url "{GUID}" -Method Delete

# Check that it is deleted. (Error : ALM_InvalidRequest_PipelineNotFound expected)
Invoke-PowerBIRestMethod -url '{GUID}' -Method GET

# Delete the workspace, via the portal




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