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Unable to set up incermental refresh in Power BI Datamart

Hi All,


I have been trying to setup an incremental refresh in the Power BI Datamart and I have tried everything.

I have this dataset with 5 crore records which is the result of a union between two views. I have tried bringing this data to datamart as a plain query with union between the required column of both my views. This didn't work, so I tried creating a new table and inserted my required data into it this table(since I thought the named query is causing the issue). I am getting the below error. 

I have the requried parameters all set to go and I have also setup the date filter using the parameters. 

Can someone please help me.



Parameters ; 


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Thank you for sharing your experience. All this time I was worried it was something I did 🙂

I have an outstanding ticket with Microsoft regarding this and they have been working on it since last week. 

The funniest thing is I have setup a scheduled refresh twice daily and it is running succesfully(loading all 5 crore rows twice daily. Unfortuantely incremental refresh is something that is having an issue

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Super User

Hi @JishnuRajiv ,


Just spoke yesterday with Microsoft support about this very thing.  Apparently, there are a few bugs they are working out this week.  But, basically, the answer is "this product is still in preview and might not always work as expected".  I know they are working on it but there is no timeline (that I was given) when they think this particular bug will be remedied.

For me, because I had to have the information immediately, I flipped over to a Dataflow.  But, I have a different place where the need is not as critical so I just keep trying a few times a day until it works!

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