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Advocate V
Advocate V

Thoughts on the PBI Service's New Look

Curious to see what others think about the new look in the PBI Service. I'm loving the thin-line icons, but the absolute lack of color makes it...well...boring. Plus, it's now a bit difficult to distinguish the different icons from each other when you have a lot of artifacts in a workspace. With the old icons, you could at least tell them apart at a glance using their colors; these new ones kind of blend together in an ocean of meh.




Liking the direction but feel Microsoft is stripping out any kind of vibrancy from the PBI product.


Anyone else have thoughts?

Advocate II
Advocate II

I actually don't mind the look aesthetically, but functionally it's not great. But, it wasn't great before the change either.


I'd like to see the sidebar and its popouts reworked into something that makes more sense, or is atleast customizable. I've never understood the Workspaces popout with the current workspace under it.


My favorites should always float to the top of everything (I'm looking at you, Apps page).


The Home screen needs more customization. All I want to see is the favorites and recent lists, the rest is just in the way.


I rarely work with reports, and other users rarely work with datasets, and so forth. We should be able to set default content filters in workspaces. Or atleast give the filters a prominent position as it's the starting point everytime I go to a workspace. The fewer clicks to get to it the better.


I can't tell these new icons apart. I'm not even sure what the dataset icon is supposed to be, is that a table?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

It's horrendous. All white (not that they're going to do anything about that given we're now in year FIVE of them still not fixing the removal of dark mode in Desktop), having to filter every single workspace to just show reports, the left bar being much less functional listing a bunch of individual recently used workspaces/reports clogging up real estate and cluttering everything. I'm frankly stunned I've not had multiple complaints from users complaining about this. Is there any way to revert to how it was three months ago?

New Member

I greatly dislike it. You lose a lot of "scanability" in quickly picking out different reports/dataflows/sets. I wish there was a way to return to the original. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Agree with prior comments. The icons are too similar - they provide no help in separating the object types.  And the filter way over on the left side is a poor replacement for the tabs that allowed for selecting which objects to display.

Frequent Visitor

Yes, this is definitely a backward step...dont understand the decision behind it.

Advocate I
Advocate I

There is an idea submitted already that needs vote:

Advocate I
Advocate I

I have this new look and find it very difficult to work with. As a report creator, I rarely need to open the reports in the workspace and I found the tab at the top "Datasets + dataflows" extremely helpful. With the new look, it is no longer available. 

Additionally, the lack of colour to differentiate the types of content is frustrating. I relied heavily on the coloured icons.

Personally, there is nothing about the new look that I like or prefer over the older look.

Advocate V
Advocate V

On top of rebranding Power BI from the eye-catching yellow we had before to a less-than-stellar new primary color...

this sucks, there are lot of other issues instead of changing UI.

Spent developers time wisely.


This is very confusing.

What an awful decision.  No user could possibly have been engaged before this was rolled out.  Why change this anyway, there are bigger issues out there.

Whoever came up with this, without an option to opt out of this ridiculous new look, has to be fired right away. What a freaking mess with everything (dashboard, report, dataset) all in a single view without any colors or tabs to organize the type of item.

I couldn't find a setting anywhere to go back to the previous look, which actually made sense. My users don't give a crap to see all the datasets clogging up the list, and having to set a filter everytime is just **bleep** annoying.


Truly unbelievable that someone signed off on this, surely this is a bad late April fools joke?

Advocate III
Advocate III

I'm having thoughts alright. I think the new UX is absolute trash, one big colorless bland list where it takes a considerable amount of straining your eyes to actually see what's going on. Can't believe this got through UAT. 

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