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This visual has exceeded the available resources in service not in desktop


  • More detailsResource Governing: This query uses more memory than the configured limit. The query — or calculations referenced by it — might be too memory-intensive to run. Either reach out to your Analysis Services server administrator to increase the per-query memory limit or optimize the query so it consumes less memory. More details: consumed memory 1024 MB, memory limit 1024 MB.
  • Activity ID1a0d809a-82e6-4a2f-af8b-237ed75e0d12
  • Correlation ID265720f9-005a-3e0f-64dd-1603cde59208
  • Request ID24439381-58fd-1507-a471-8a675b205580
  • TimeThu Jun 17 2021 12:25:34 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)
  • Service version13.0.16211.50
  • Client version2105.5.06379-train
  • Cluster URI


i am getting this error 




i can able to filter a report in desktop for a 6 months but in service i could not able to filter for 2 months

i need to filter this report for 3 months atlest in service need help 

i used to be a pro user as it is limited ubgraded to premium user now still i can not able to filter report more then a month.

its a very simple report 2 views from differnt server join in power bi model and display in table  


please see screen shorts:  need urget guidence or help







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Its not sorted , i cant change capacity its a blank , still same issue




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @narasimhuluk ,

According to the official Microsoft article description:

  • Report interactions will execute DAX queries. Each DAX query consumes a certain amount of temporary memory required to produce the results. Each query may consume a different amount of memory and will be subject to the query memory limitation as described.

The following table summarizes all the limitations that are dependent on the capacity size:

Capacity SKU Size in vCores Backend vCores CPU time / minute Memory per artifact* [Gb] Max memory per query* [Gb] DirectQuery\LC queries / sec *
A1\EM1 1 0.5 30 3 1 3.75
A2\EM2 2 1 60 6 2 7.5
A3\EM3 4 2 120 10 2 15
A4\P1 8 4 240 25 6 30
A5\P2 16 8 480 50 6 60
A6\P3 32 16 960 100 10 120


Configure workloads

Maximize your capacity's available resources by enabling workloads only if they will be used. Change memory and other settings only when you have determined default settings are not meeting your capacity resource requirements.

To configure workloads in the Power BI admin portal

  1. In Capacity settings > PREMIUM CAPACITIES, select a capacity.

  2. Under MORE OPTIONS, expand Workloads.

  3. Enable one or more workloads, and set a value for Max Memory and other settings.

  4. Select Apply.




Wish it is helpful for you!


Best Regards


I have alrady login with pro powerbi service. but still facing same issue. 
my dax measure as mentioned bwllow:

VAR _currentAlias = SELECTEDVALUE('Detailed Fact'[Customer])
VAR _Filter = FILTER(Filter_Customer, Filter_Customer[Customer] = _currentAlias)
VAR _cbm = CALCULATE(SUMX(VALUES(Filter_Customer[Customer]), [Last Month FGH 0 Dummy]), _Filter)
VAR _count = CALCULATE(SUMX(VALUES(Filter_Customer[Customer]), [Last Month Count 0 Dummy]), _Filter)
    IF(ISBLANK(_cbm) && ISBLANK(_count), BLANK(), _cbm + _count)
this dax calculate [Last Month Count 0 Dummy] measure based on Filter_Customer[Customer].
sumx funcation check data row wise that is why display the error.
this dax is used on filter pannel on metrix view.
can you please help me on this ...

Hi, you need Power BI Premium to do this? Not much I can do in Admin Portal with my Power BI Pro.



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