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The operation was throttled by the Power BI Premium



Normally I update a dataset on a machine with 16GB of RAM arrund 30-40min., but when published to the cloud, the following error occurs after 2h hours of waiting: The operation was throttled by the Power BI Premium because of insufficient memory. please try again later.


This dataset is conected with a Dataflow on Service, who takes around 30-40min to update too. I'd like to know if I'm doing something wrong or if there is some kind of limitation to Dataflows. We have Power BI Embedded plan.


OBS: the same dataset was published witha a directly conection with SQL Server and takes 2h to refresh, but there was no error. 

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Hi @smartcompany 

What is the size of your Power BI Embedded Plan?

Remember when doing a refresh if you are refreshing the entire dataset you need the same amount of memory for the refresh.

For example if your dataset is using 1.8GB of memory and you want to refresh the entire dataset it will need an additional 1.8GB of memory. This means you need 3.6GB of memory. If you are using an A1/EM1 SKU for Power BI Embedded that is 3GB and in the above example you will run out of memory as your error has indicated.

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Hello, @GilbertQ!
Thank you for your answer!


My Power Bi Embedded plan is A1. 


This happens only when I'm refreshing a dataset who is connected on a Dataflow. When the dataset is connected on SQL, everything is ok. 


This additional memmory you said is alays necessary or only when connected on a Dataflow? 

Hi @smartcompany 


yes this could be the case because the dataflow needs more memory to complete the refreshing

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