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Resolver I
Resolver I

The gateway operation has been cancelled explicitly by the user or from a timeout. - Oracle

This is too vague, Microsoft. I don't know how to proceed.  Using SQL statements to import data from an Oracle database, and refresh works just fine in the Desktop version. Everything is up to date. On-premises Gateway (personal mode). 


On demand11/8/2017, 3:12:21 PM11/8/2017, 5:12:41 PMFailedThe gateway operation has been cancelled explicitly by the user or from a timeout.
Activity ID:086bf568-ea45-44d1-82b2-391cad03d0dc
Request ID:3620ca99-eefe-a056-4cf5-46ba8acaf78d
Time:2017-11-08 23:12:41Z
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Ive had a project that gets a similar message.  I resolved it by shortening the data being returned by one of the queries.  It seems like the length of time given for a query to finish getting all of its rows is much shorter through a gateway when compared to refreshing through the desktop.


If you are accessing a SQL server, are you able to limit your query in some fashion?  In my case, i added a where clause to the SQL statement to only return items from the last 5 years.

Yes, I've shortened all of them as much as possible via where queries and group by's and select distinct and valid_date=(select max(valid_date) from xxxx) in where statements. Everything is as tidy and minimal as possible. 


I have another report with much longer data sets importing that actually works just fine. So I don't think this is it. 

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Whats the hosted database like?  Is it on a PROD server that might have some sort of load shedding?  Do you get similar messages if you refresh Off-Peak compared to On-Peak periods?

Please explain what you mean by load shedding and how to check on this in something like SQL Developer. Any questions to the DBA (who is in another country) usually have to be escalated up at least 3 levels of management to get a response. 

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To put it in Laymans terms.  If the database you are accessing is part of a business system that is under heavy use, the system may prioritise what connections get the limited bandwidth.  Power BI, if its taking too long, could have its connection cut in favour of higher priority connections.


During off-peak period, you won't have the same overburden on the server, thus if you find the connection works successfully in off-peak periods then you know performance management is the likely cause.

There's one that fails in about two hours regardless of time of day. It works fine on the desktop version though. 

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In networking terms, where is the computer running the gateway in comparision to the computer running the desktop version?  Are there any variables to account for there?  For example, you might be running the desktop on your computer which is at the same physical location as the database, but the gateway might be on a server thats in an office on the other side of the country.

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