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Text Box Content Disappearing on Edit

I have a Power BI report published on the Power BI service. Lately (the last month or so) I have been encountering a very annoying problem when I edit the report in the Power BI service - text is disappearing from all my textboxes whenever I go to edit mode and then back to reading mode.


These are the steps I am taking:

  1. open report in Power BI service
  2. navigate to a page that contains a textbox
  3. click "edit"
  4. switch back to reading view (save or don't save - doesn't appear to make a difference)
  5. all text has disappeared from all text boxes on the page


Is anyone else encountering this issue? Know of any workarounds?

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Hi there,


We've recently experienced this fault.


Clearing your browser cache if you're using the online version of PowerBI should do the trick.


Remember to reopen PBI Online through to avoid opening a non-existent session ID.



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I have this happening in my first PBI report, my colleague is able to edit the text in the textbox, but I am not

Cleared Cache and I can edit again, Hurrah


Hi @taco @Hennie_Ergon @cwcusumano , are all of you still experiencing the disappearing textbox issue? We've been trying to investigate but haven't found a .pbix that reproduces the issue with some consistency. If any of you are still experiencing the issue and have a .pbix you would be willing to share that reproduces the issue this could prove pretty helpful.

I am still experiencing, yes - but it's never offline, within a pbix file on pbi desktop.


It's only when in edit mode on the web service. It's happened as recently as today. Fairly sure I could recreate it just by going into edit mode on enough reports online - it always happens eventually. I just have never found a clear pattern that causes it. 

I don't suppose you found a .pbix that reproduces the issue that you would be willing to share (doesn't have to be on this forum, we can find a more confidential means). Or even scheduling a quick call might help us track down what is causing this issue for folks.

Can you send a PM and let me know a way to open a support ticket that directs to you specifically? I just want to go through the official process. We use deployment pipelines and I cannot say for sure if this happens on the true dataset, or only with the many pbix files that are connected to the primary dasaset. 

Sure thing, I'll engage our livesite team to open up a ticket. They will reach out to you and then the ticket will get filed directly against the product engineering team, from there I will take a look.

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we experience the same problem at our company

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This has happened in our organization for the last several weeks now. 


  • This only happens in the Power BI online service - and saving/not saving makes no difference.
  • Once you go into edit mode and text disappears (I'd say it happens roughly 50% of the time at this point), it is permanent, even if not saving when going back to reading mode.
  • The box for the text visual stays but the actual text, formatting, etc - entirely disappears. 
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Hi @taco , 

This is not the expected behaviour of the application.

If you are a Pro user, raise a ticket with MS and they will investigate the issue along with you.


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