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Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Tables in online service showing (blank)

As of this morning tables that we have in the online version of our reports show (blank) where before they were just empty.

This is making our report look very untidy, has anyone else experienced this?




I presume its something to do with the monthly update.

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This is still a problem.

It makes the tables super ugly. Please fix.

@Anonymous, @jcarville@Tishchenko, @Anonymous, @srutt, this issue should be already fixed. Please have a check on it, and post back once you still any further questions. 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@jcarville, @Anonymous, @srutt@ankitpatira@Tishchenko, thank you all for your feedbacks. I will report your issue internally and will post back once I get any updates. Sorry for any inconvenience you may have. 


Currently, I think you could consider using @jcarville 's idea to replace empty data with a blank space, this method will remove the (blank) text from visualization. 

In my fact tables has no null values! My (blank) is "calculated" by server for example when use one dimemsion and put measures from two different FACT tables in one "table visual". Dimension table has relationships with two fact tables (one to many). 

So, this (blank) cells is calcutated "on fly" by SSAS server.


Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

The solution that seems to work for me is to edit queries, select all of my columns and then replace values.

Type null in "Values to Find" and type press ok. This should replace all null values with a blank space.

Also I am using a table for this, not sure if it will work for a Matrix.

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Every one is facing the issue.. The update is in cloud display of visualization.


It is the sad & irritating update from Power BI team. Showing (Blank) for each cell where there is no data makes tables look ugly.


POWERBI TEAM - PLEASE REVERT TO ORIGINAL like it is showing in PBI desktop


To members:-


Only workaround is to change the visualization to Matrix, though it is not ideal one


Another one is tough, writing DAX for each column with ISBLANK() function




Regular Visitor

I'm experiencing the same issue as of this morning.

Community Champion
Community Champion

@jcarville edit your report in power bi service and for fields shown in tables, untick show items with no data. This should take blanks away.


Thanks for that @ankitpatira but your solution does not seem to resolve my issue as show items with no data is already unticked.

@jcarville i can reproduce your issue. it seems like a bug. workaround for it would be to edit that report in power bi service, drop that field into filter and then exclude blank values like in screenshot below. I would also report this issue.






















I have reported the issue there now through the send a frown option.

When I do the 2nd way you suggest @ankitpatira it loses its formatting and is making all cell values have no value even if it does contain a value.

New build PowerBI service from 2016-05-26(13.0.1100.658)  = new problems 😉

Can I hear the name of the man from BI team who invented it ??? my users write him "thanks" and other unpleasant expletives Smiley Very Happy



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