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Tables disappearing in Service

Hi All,


I have a very strange issue that appears to be cache related but I've cleared cache multiple times and still have the same issue. The Desktop and the service data sets are both refreshed within minutes so its not a data issue. 



I have a pbix that when published to the service and refreshed has tables disappear. The tables are visable in the Desktop app but not in the service. What is even stranger is that if I save the file as a new pbix file with a new name and publish again the tables show up. The tables will disappear once the report is refreshed and the browser is closed.  


Here is a shot of the desktop visual..



Here is a shot of the service visual.. 



Here is another shot of the same file just saved as a new file name and published to the service. 





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The fix just went live. 😀

Wait, you mean I don't have to go hunting down all of my reports on the web?

I hope we helped to get to the solution!

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Got the same problem. So far it seems to be isolated to the color definitions with "transparent" rather than "solid" like

					"backColorPrimary": { "transparent": { "color": "#FFFFFF"}},
					"backColorSecondary": { "transparent": { "color": "#FFFFFF"}},

 Putting in a ticket to see if this is temporary or If I have to reload 90 reports with a new theme.

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Super User

Hi @JamesW_TSC 


Could you please make sure that you click the reset to default on your report to see if that helps?




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Thank you for the reply. I've tried that a few times. No change though. 😞 

Hi there

I have never seen this happen before to be honest.

The only other option would be to log a support ticket.

Or to use the updated report?

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Okay. I'll try the support ticket.. The updated report only works for a little while then the table disappears again. It really seems like a cache issue. Its only on this one report. Everything else we have is fine. Thank you for the suggestions though 🙂 

Hi @JamesW_TSC ,


Did you use the built-in table viusal or any other custom visual? Have you changed to a different web browser for a test?


Best Regards,

Dedmon Dai

Hello @v-deddai1-msft , 


These are built in table visuals. We've tried in both IE and Chrome. 

I now have this happening with one of my reports.

  • All tables on all pages have disappeared.
  • They can still be highlighted and their border shows
  • export data and "show data" works fine, the page loads showing the data
  • if I turn them to another style of visual, then the data appears!
  • Matrix ALSO doesn't work!
  • everything works fine and displays as-expected in the desktop version of Power BI.

It seems that for this PBIX, the table style has been trashed? I believe it was when I edited the PBIX online. I wonder If we have to break open the file (since it's just a ZIP renamed) and try and restore the table style?

really don't want to have to rebuild this report 😞


Did you ever find a solution?

Why not copy this report to another App Workspace, then download that copy and see if that works?

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First thing I tried was to upload again as a different file-name to the existing workspace. Same issue.

I then uploaded to my own personal workspace, same issue.

I downloaded that file from my personal and the tables show fine in desktop.


Note that this report has worked fine for two weeks.

This morning I went to edit it online in the original location to adjust a few page filters (not on the pages with tables) and then all tables magically disappeared.


It seems that updating via the web has trashed the table visibility and no amount of editing or changing table themes will fix it!

This is getting more bizarre. It's totally related to our custom theme that we apply to our company reports.

It's now happening on any report I open that uses this theme.

It also happens in incognito mode and even when I log in from an entirely separate machine!?!

Is there some sort of theme cache on the powerbi app service?

Just in case anyone else hits this issue... it seems that the custom theme on our report had a JSON data in it that only caused issues on the online powerbi service.


The area in question was in the visualStyles node for all attributes (*). A fontColor had two values in an array, instead of a singular value:


   "name": "DOESN'T WORK ONLINE",
   "background": "#CCCCCC",
   "foreground": "#FFFFFF",
   "tableAccent": "#FFFFFF",
   "visualStyles": {
      "*": {
         "*": {		
            "*": [
                  "fontSize": 10,
                  "fontColor": [
                     {"solid": {"color": "#000000"}},
                     {"solid": {"color": "#000000"}}

The chunk above has been shortened ... there's a lot more fluff surrounding it.

Either way, that fontColor should be singular:

"*": [
                  "fontSize": 10,
                  "fontColor": {"solid": {"color": "#000000"}},
                  "labelColor": {"solid": {"color": "#000000"}},
                  "color": {"solid": {}},
                  "fontFamily": "Segoe UI",


With this change made manually to the exported theme, I then re-imported it and upon upload to PowerBI, it all displayed fine again online.


This has worked without an issue for years... it seems today that something has changed in the JSON validation world. And for online only, as it still works fine on the Power BI Desktop app.


Hope this can help someone else!

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