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Should I create 1 Report or 1 Dashboard or 1 App for multiple departments?

Hallo all,


I would like to know your opinion in the following case:


So, I need to create Power BI reports for multiple departments (finance, marketing, etc) in the company. In each department, they have large amount of dataset needed to be visualized. The requirements are that people can only see the data of their own department. And we can easly adjust the report if there are new requirements/dataset in each department. My question is, if I need to create all these reports, should I:

- Multiple pages: Create 1 report with multiple pages (1 page for each department),


- Multiple reports: Create 1 report for each deparment,


- Multiple workspaces: Create 1 workspace for each department?


And how about the art of publishing these reports? Which one is more secure: get the audiences access the workspace, or just publish an app? Is it even possible to restrict ones access to a specific report if they having access to the workspace?


I hope my question is make sense. I'm quite new to Power BI, that why I need your guide😊


Thank you




Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

you could use also multiple workspaces (grouping departments if needed) but always use app to share and audiences to segregate reports among multiple users accessing the same app.


- finance+sales workspace with 3 audiences (see all, see only finance, see only sales)

- warehouse workspace with 2 audiences (see all reports, see only specific reports)

- sales workspace with 1 audience


if you need to segregate rows presented inside a report by user accessing (for example Sales Area Manager) use Row Level Security.

Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

use power bi app to publish, no direct access to workspace and use audience to give access to right people to each report Announcing Public Preview of Multiple Audiences for Power BI Apps | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Micros...

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Thank you for the answer!


So, to summary that, I need to create:


1 workspace -> containing multiple report (1 report for each department) --> publish 1 app and set up the audiences to specific person for specific report



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