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Sharing and subscribing via Security Groups

Good day all,


unfortunately I did not find anything with my research on this topic and so I am trying here and hope for support from some experts. We use PowerBI in our company to roll out various reports related to sales, products, etc.


Our procedure for a new report is as follows:

1. finalize report
2. under the item "Share" we select the persons manually and release them.
3. then we select the same users under the item "Subscribe" and set up a subscription so that reports are sent here regularly in the form of a mail.


Now, however, we come with this manual maintenance to our limits because our company and the responsibilities in the reports are constantly growing and thus the effort for manual maintenance is too great.

I have now read that it is possible to solve these above-mentioned points via security groups from Microsoft 365. However, this is exactly where the problems arise where I ask you for your support.


1. if we now want to authorize this security group via the button "Share", then no error is displayed and you can click on "send", but the permissions for this group or the users contained therein are not taken over.

2. a similar problem arises with the "Subscribe" button. If we go the way via the security group here, then the following error message is displayed here:

Free users or groups can only subscribe to reports or dashboards based on the Premium capacity: PowerBI Group Test

However, the users in this group all have a PowerBI Pro license and have access to our dataset.


Now my question to you: Is there an "elegant" way to 1. share such reports and 2. subscribe to them and go the security group route here?


I thank you in advance and look forward to your feedback


Best regards


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @ATFabi,


if all the users have a Pro license, you could also share via (the group and) a workspace.

Best practise is to share via a workspace to specific departments/teams and use groups there.


In Access, you can set the members:




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Hello thank you very much for your answer.

Via "Access" we have already stored the affected users so that they have access.However, my question is about subscribing to individual reports for security groups.

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