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Share your thoughts on the new Insights feature (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new Insights feature so we can continue to improve.


Update 9/21: Insights is broken and is currently not available in Apps and Embedded for reports in Premium workspaces. Users with PPU license can still use Insights. The Power BI team is working on a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Regular Visitor

Unable to generate insights from the power bi HR sample [Human Resources sample: Take a tour - Power BI | Microsoft Docs ] . It is showing message "We didn't find any insights.Learn more" Not clear why PBI is unable to generate insights.

Advocate III
Advocate III

As mentioned above: can we remove this option from the menu as it will lead to a confusing experience for report viewers? I also voted for this related idea. Thanks.

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

I'm really giving this feature a good workout on a daily basis now - I'm using it across a range of public dashboards I'm running.  It is saving me a ton of time in quickly finding something new to say every day on multiple complex reports.  You can follow the output on my twitter tl:


I have noticed on some pages/charts, it doesn't come up with much. The common factor seems to be that they have card visuals - does it get fixated on those and not pay attention to the other visuals on the page?  Usually the cards would be the least interesting visual.


It also can be repetitive showing the same or very similar analyses, often on fields that arent used on that page.  I'd prefer if it focussed on the fields that are used on each page.


In some scenarios I'm getting better value from the old analysis features - "explain the increase" and "find where the distn is different". They have a completely different UX - any plans to integrate them with Insights?  The side pane works much better IMO. 

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

I dived a bit deeper today using the report I shared above. I got quite a good result for a KPI, as shown


covid-19-world-vaccinations-Impact Insights KPI 1 2021-09-28.png


A couple of comments:

  1. too much whitespace around the copy of the card at the top. 
  2. the card is redundant as it is just a copy of the card on the report page.
  3.  Country and Location are almost synonomous, better to just show one.  Country preferred, it is used on the page (slicer)
  4. The green color on the bar chart looks like the retro Power BI theme (triggering for many lol). A color from the Power BI theme would be better.
  5. The bar chart looks very useful, but seems a dead end. It would be nice to click something to create that as a chart on the page.
Frequent Visitor

While this looks like an interesting feature, to reiterate some of the previous commentary in this thread we need the ability to disable this at the tenant level, and ideally at a selective level per dataset/report, especially while in preview.

Where we have a large number of reports that have been specifically designed to present information in a certain way, as well as needing detail around how this works especially for sensitive / confidential data, we need the ability to make the decision on whether to enable this for our own environment.


Insights is broken and is currently not available in Apps and Embedded for reports in Premium workspaces. Users with PPU license can still use Insights. The Power BI team is working on a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

@ancyphilip - any updates on resolving Embedded support for Insights? The visual menu option for Insights is still not working. Thanks.

To add to @lisahua46 's reply below, the fix may reach end users as early as next week.

The fix for the visual menu option for Insights at embed is in the deploy process, should reach end user in 2 weeks. 

Great. Thanks @lisahua46 and @ancyphilip.

Can we also disable this feature? If RLS is not supported, it makes no sense to have this option on the menu bar or in the visualisation level menu as it won't work for data sets where RLS is enforced.

+1 for a disable function, it should be disabled by default IMO, same with any new feature. For many reports, the author is presenting a carefully designed narrative and doesn't really want the audience distracted by insights.


The license requirement also means this will be an annoyance for all the millions of Pro users - like the "YouTube Plus" ad.

RLS is supported for insights.  

The documentation states otherwise. Can you confirm?


Insights - Doc.PNG

Insights should support RLS. The downside is, when you try to drill down and try to see the explanation, you might not get explanation. The documentation also groups it under the limitation of insights explanation. 


I am replying to the original quote -> "If RLS is not supported, it makes no sense to have this option on the menu bar or in the visualisation level menu as it won't work for data sets where RLS is enforced." sorry if my reply hierarchy confuses you. 

My experience is different. I.e. published a workbook out to the Service without RLS. Selected the insights option and received the supporting charts / narratives. Now if I apply RLS in a way that still returns the same amount of data, no insights are returned. That is a limitation and the option is therefore redundant if RLS scenario's are not supported in this instance.

Interesting, I tried RLS and see insights that respects the RLS.


Curious, would you mind elaborating how you apply the RLS? Row-level security (RLS) with Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs I am following the Work with members section, just want to make sure if you are using user name or apply RLS to workspace etc. 


If that's a known limitation, we should definitely call out and remove the button in these scenarios. So hope to get a repro at my side thanks!


@lisahua46@ancyphilip  - can you confirm if RLS works with Smart Insights as you mentioned? In the app-owns-data scenario using dynamic RLS, the response is always 'We didn't find any insights. Learn more' - this confirms the RLS limitations as documented by MSFT. 


Given this option is not usable, how can we switch this off to prevent users from attempting to use an unsupported feature? 

I'm not referring to an RLS scenario. I'm saying as a new feature it should be off by default.  It should be up to the report authors to turn it on, after considering whether it is appropriate for each report.

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Here's another Anomaly, from the same report I shared above.  This looks like a good pick, but the measure formatting (scientific) is unfortunate. The actual value is only around -35, so odd to choose scientific format.  In any case, the Measure's format setting should be respected IMO.


I'm "happy" with the chosen "Possible explanation" - it correctly picked Europe (continent), from a noisy list of countries or income groups. 

covid-19-world-vaccinations-Impact Insights Anomalies 2 2021-09-19.png

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