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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on the new Insights feature (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new Insights feature so we can continue to improve.


Update 9/21: Insights is broken and is currently not available in Apps and Embedded for reports in Premium workspaces. Users with PPU license can still use Insights. The Power BI team is working on a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


@mike_honey  Thanks for reporting this. This doesn't look right.

We are looking into it. 

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Here's the top "Anomalies" I got for my report. I doesn't meet my definition of "an anomaly", its just the latest and highest value in a series that is climbing steadily.


covid-19-world-vaccinations-Impact Insights Anomalies 1 2021-09-19.png


The pbix file is available here:

We are looking into it, thanks for sharing the pbix.

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

My first impression from a UX perspective is that there are too many insights presented in the default "All".  The "Top" option showed me one from Anomalies, 3 from Trends and none from KPIs.  For my report, the KPIs section of "All" actually had the gold - it took a lot of scrolling to find it.


I think it would be best to default to "Top" and have it show one from each of Anomalies, Trends & KPIs. That should fit on a typical screen without scrolling. Also add a link to "drill down" e.g. from "Top" Trends entry to "All" Trends entries.

I think we have show more and show 3 from each of anomalies trend and KPI. Do you think that's too many or you didn't see the show more? 

I'm only seeing "Top" and "All" (top of the Insights pane).  No "show more" visible anywhere.


Default view seems to be "All", which shows 20-odd tiles, roughly 3 per page/scroll. Far too many IMO - its overwhelming.

I see, marked and we will improve this experience in few weeks. 

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Giving this a go against a report I'm quite familiar with - global COVID-19 vaccinations, cases & deaths. All presented on a per capita basis, with slicers for continent, country, income group etc.


Here are the insights for KPIs - looks spot on.


Great work, looking forward to exploring it further.


covid-19-world-vaccinations-Impact Insights 2021-09-19.png

Advocate II
Advocate II

Is this capability supported in Embedded? The menu option is available at the visual level but the application returns the following response on selection. Note - the PBIX has been deployed to a Premium workspace running on an A2 SKU. 


If the Insights feature is not supported, how can we remove this option from the menu as it will lead to a confusing experience for report viewers? Thanks.

Insights is broken and is currently not available in Apps and Embedded for reports in Premium workspaces. Users with PPU license can still use Insights. Power BI team is working on a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Insights - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


For embed, Automated Insights requires action bar to trigger the insights. 

By default, the embed does not have action bar. To enable action bar, you can either append &actionBarEnabled=true at the end of the embed url, or follow this page to enable the action bar.


Use the action bar to enhance user experience in a Power BI embedded analytics application | Microso...

Once the action bar is enabled, the automated insights is working as normal. Yet same as other fixed action bar items like File and Export, I guess there is no way to remove the automated insights button. 





1. we are rolling out the background notification mentioned in the blog above, that does not apply to embed scenario. That is, the only entry point for automated insights in embed scenario, is the action bar. 

2. Embed scenario inherits the same limitation for the automated insights feature documented here Insights - Power BI | Microsoft Docs, same as regular datasets and reports.




Just to clarify the original question. The Insights feature is available at the visual level but selecting the option returns the 'Premium Per User' licensing dialog box. What I need to understand is whether this feature is available for A SKU implementations, and if not, how can we remove this item from the menu.




Note - the following response is returned when selecting 'Get Insights' from the menu option (this does not occur when selecting the same option in the Service but does display when embedding in an 'app owns data' scenario).



I see, you mean per-visual insights at embed. For per-visual insights, yes I agree if it doesn't work at embed, we should remove it, i.e., we will either support it or remove it from drop-down menu. Thanks for the feedback!


Sorry for the confusion above, I thought you mean whole page insights (default insights) in embed. 

When will the Get Insights icon be removed from the More Options dropdown for embedded?  We are getting questions from our users why this is starting to appear and what does it do.  How can we remove it or disable it?  

Thanks for confirming! Hopefully per-level will be supported alongside RLS as this capability would be a game changer for our customers. Fingers crossed.

RLS should be supported for insights, yet might impact insights explanation - i.e., insights will be presented but when you click on the insights with RLS, you might not get any explanations, documented here in limitations. Insights - Power BI | Microsoft Docs  


typo for per-visual insights 🙂 sorry again if I confuse you.


That's exactly it (I think 😀). Publishing to the service without RLS works pretty well but adding RLS generates no explanations due to lack of support as documented. Supporting row level security with Embedded in the app-owns-data scenario would be brilliant. Hoping its on the roadmap somewhere!

Sure, added this feedback to our notes! We will see if we can elimininate the limitation of RLS in explanations, then embed (with app bar) should get it for free. 


 Supporting row level security with Embedded in the app-owns-data scenario would be brilliant. 

Using row-level security with embedded content in Power BI embedded analytics - Power BI | Microsoft... Not sure if this instruction works for you. If you have trouble follow this instruction, or see the other limitations for that scenario, probably you want to post a questions in this community and I believe collaborators will route you to the right team? Or vote for ideas if it's a known limitation Ideas ( I don't have much knowledge at RLS in embed in general and just want to make sure your feedback can be routed to right team if you need support. We can also help route you if you could provide more instructions? (might be a better idea to discuss in another thread so this thread on automated insights wont get distracted)

Thanks for sharing. We have implemented dynamic RLS and can serve restricted content based on the users specific role. One of the limitations in the app-owns-data scenario is that the action bar cannot be enabled (it's only supported with user-owns-data) and the current lack of support for the new insights feature.


To summarise the points raised...


- The insights feature does not support RLS as documented by Microsoft. Would be great to have this.

- The 'per-visual' menu now includes 'Get Insights' in and embedded (app-owns-data) without RLS per the above.

- Selecting the 'Get Insights' option in Embedded generates a dialog box stating a Premium per User account is required even though the report is backed by a Premium capacity. Opening the same report in and selecting Get Insights works so there is an issue with how Embedded supports this feature and the inconsistency with the warning (i.e. the option works in the service without PPU but is stated as being required in Embedded when invoking the 'Get Insights' feature). It's either one or the other.


Hope that clarifies. Thanks!

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