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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on the Power BI Goals experience (preview)

Reply to tell us what you think about the Goals experience so we can continue to improve!


-Power BI Goals team

Advocate III
Advocate III



when I link a visual from a dataset filters are being picked up, but lets say I want create a goal for a KPI (Ebita) with subgoals by a dimension (profit center). Seems like I cannot attach a specific filter for the goal. So I would need a seperate visual for every subgoal.
this is suboptimal since it clutters the reports.
I also can't hide the pages with the scorecard visuals (then I can't connect them)..

It would be nice to adjust the non fixed filters in the goal connection..

Hey Alex,


Have you already considered including a slicer on the canvas so you can filter the main visual by the profit centers? Then you dont need many visuals on the canvas, only one that for each subgoal you're gonna filter to catch the data point.

Helper II
Helper II

Hi all,


The automated status rules are great! Combined with the filtering capability, it will drive a very producivity process over reviewing the Goals!


Also, the Power BI App for Mobile is a charm! Really impressive.


For last, it would be great if we could have some kind of "colapse all goals" and avoid close one by one.


@egbertdejong , we've faced the same issue here regarding the bookmarks and Goals not sending us directly to report page. We've tried to find our what the bug is but it looks like to be random. For your 2nd point, it is a great idea, do you have the link so I can vote for it too ?



João Martins

Frequent Visitor

@cnews I really like the concept of Goals and want to experiment with this to link our KPIS <> OKRs. First signs still are positive but have a few observations / questions:


1) noticed for 1 connected dataset (from a table) the values are correctly linked but the report opens up at a different PowerBI page than the one used for setting/connecting the data. Bug or am i overlooking something?

2) when can we leverage existing bookmarks in the reports - now too many clicks to link up Goals <> PowerBI bookmarked data. More clicks = higher chance of different selections. On the funnel i hope - already voted for this in idea hub also. 

3) it seems slicer selections are not picked up when you setup the connection - only filter pane selections

4) sometimes very difficult to select a serie - even when sufficient visible it seems to connect to another serie when clicking in visual

5) can any PowerBI consumer do checkins or would they also already need build access? 

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