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Share Power BI Content between Germany and China

Dear all,


we develop reports in germany which we want to make available for our collegues in China, too. So is it currently possible to share reports, dashboards, apps etc. from german Power BI Cloud to Users of the China Power BI Cloud?

Is there anything special to consider?


Thanks and best regards,


Community Support
Community Support

Hi MartinF ,


It seems like your collegues and you are in the same Azure organization, right? Do your collegues have power bi pro licenses? In most of time, only pro license users can be shared with contents regardless of region or country. If your collegues don't have pro licenses, to share content with them, your organization should purchase premium license and the contents which will be shared with should be in a premiun capacity.



Jimmy Tao

Hi Jimmy,


no they are not in the same Azure Company but they have already Power BI Pro Licenses which were not purchased by us but by themself.


Best regards,


 Hi MartinF,


So you want to share contents with external pro users, right? Power bi Service support sharing with external users so you can share dashboard and app with them while report and content pack can't be shared with external users.


In addtion, you don't need to add their mail account as guest to your organization in azure portal because when you share app or dashboard with them azure will do it automatically.



Jimmy Tao

Hi Jimmy,


Yes that is right. But I think probably our issue is that my pro user is for But the guest user is for and this user can not access


Best regards,




Helper II
Helper II

Do users in china have Power BI ID's? If yes, then people in germany should add those ID's to the workspace were the report is deployed.

Thanks for your reply.


What do you mean with Power BI Id? There is a user with a Power BI Pro License (in another domain ) and I have the email address of him. I tried simply to share a report with that email address but it seems that the user can not see the report in his list of reports shared with him. 


Best regards,


Have you applied any row level security in those reports? If so they wont be able to access the report.

No, there is no row level security in the report.

You can have a look at this link below how to share the reports to other users using email.

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