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Helper I
Helper I

Security at dashboard level vs workspace

Hi all,


Is it possible to set roles/security for users at the dashboard level within a workspace?


e.g., a finance dashboards workspace that contains 5 reports, 1 of which contains highly sensitive data that contains its own level of security loosely associated with the workspace security (i.e., users will require access to this dashboard to get into it).


OR is it possible to nest workspaces within workspaces (e.g., user requires both workspace security access to both workspace to access the nested workspace).




Super User
Super User

This article explains it pretty well:



Super User
Super User

Yes, you can give users access to individual reports within a workspace, but the best practice is what @R1k91 linked to. It is not possible to nest workspaces.


I've seen some organizations have departmental workspaces and then an executive workspace with more sensitive data.



Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

If I were to create an app with multiple reports in it, can I still apply report level security against the individual reports existing in the app?

i.e., user has access to 3/4 of the reports within?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Morkil 

To just add on what @R1k91 was saying, Workspaces should be only used for collaboration with Power User (to modify, verify and validate the final report). Apps are the best way to share Reports and Dashboards with End users and where you can separate and create different audiences into which you can assign groups of users to specified reports or dashboars. 

Amine Jerbi

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user accessing not all reports in a wrksp is exactly what audiences are meant for.


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