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Advocate II
Advocate II

Scroll bar issue when report open Chrome/ Edge browser

Team, I'm facing a weird issue. Just wanted to know if you have come across anytime before and need your help in fixing this issue.
I have a report which has only one page with one table visual perfectly fit without having horizontal or vertical scroll. All looks good on the Power BI Desktop. However, after I publish the same report to service, I'm starting to see both horizontal and vertical scroll in the table visual (not for the page).
  1. I use a Macbook. As Power BI desktop doesn't support Mac, I installed PBI desktop app on the remote desktop to create reports. After publishing the report to Power BI Service, if I open the report in Macbook (outside remote desktop) using Google Chrome I'm seeing the scroll (both vertical and horizantal). But if I open the same report in the remote desktop using Google Chrome, I don't see any scroll.
  2. I also tried checking with Microsoft Edge browser, I don't see scroll in remote desktop but I see scroll (both vertical and horizantal) in Mac.
  3. If I open the same report using Safari browser, I don't see any scroll. Report is absolutely working well. 
I tried checking the same with my colleagues and they are also facing the same issue when they open the same report.

I don't understand what exactly is going wrong. Is it something related to the browser or report or laptop? It is the same laptop and same resolution but I'm not sure. 
As Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browser, I want to make sure this report works properly in Chrome. 
Can someone please help me if you hear this or experience this issue previously. Awaiting your response!
Chrome in Mac.pngSafari Browser.pngChrome in Remote Desktop.png
New Member

Hey there! I know this type of issue is always frustrating for everyone. I can offer some troubleshooting steps and suggestions to help you resolve it.


 1. Verify the report layout
 2. Review browser settings
 3. Clear browser cache
 4. Update browsers
 5. Check browser extensions
 6. In Power BI Service check Report settings
 7. Contact Power BI support

I hope these suggestions help you troubleshoot and resolve the scroll bar issue in your Power BI report.

New Member

Hello! I understand the issue you're facing with the scroll bars in Power BI when viewing your report in different browsers. Actually, I haven't personally encountered this specific problem before. But I can feel it's frustrating for anyone. Recently I switched from Windows to Mac and sought alternatives to Microsoft Publisher on Mac. Luckily I got this useful source where you get some alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for macOS. You can also take a look at this article. Good Luck!

Super User
Super User

Neither Power BI Desktop nor Power BI Service provide any rendering guarantee across browsers. If you want pixel perfect rendering you need to use Paginated Reports.  In all other cases you need to leave ample margins around you visual content to mitigate the rendering differences. Packing visuals too tight will result in the effects you experience. 

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