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Helper II
Helper II

SSRS reports in PBI premium - API Call to download CSV or PDF reports

We currently use Power BI premium (PBIE for embedding into applications and PBIS for Self service). We also use an on-premise SSRS 2017 server for generating paginated reports (CSV and PDF) by calling the API from the application. If I move the .rdl file to PBIS, how do I call the report to download the CSV or PDF into my application.




This does not allow me to pass the rs:Format=CSV parameter like in SSRS 2017. Any thoughts as to how I can achieve this?


hi sanathv,


API support for exporting Paginated Reports in service is planned but not yet implemented. It is on our roadmap but team will not be getting to it for the next few months.




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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @sananthv

Do you mean:

You create some datasets and reports in power bi service, 

then embed these contents from power bi service into your applications.

next you get data from your applications and create paginated reports in on-premise SSRS 2017 server.

finally you want to put paginated reports in power bi service and then embed paginated reports to your application.




You could read these articles to get some ideas:


Best Regards



Thank you for the response. I think I did not articulate the issue well. I have already created the paginated report and published to the service (with the intension of shutting down the onpremise SSRS server eventually).  I can render the report in my application and the user needs to manually save it as a Word/Excel/PDF etc file.  This is working fine.


This is not my requirement. My requirement is to get the report directly in Word/Excel/PDF etc formats. Https:// does not have any documentation on how to pass parameters to get the report in Word/Excel/PDF etc directly from the paginated report. 

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I see your post and my requirement is similar to yours- render and export the report in mhtml.I wanted to understand if you were able to achieve this given that i see now the url parameters can include the format.Please let me know the steps you followed for rendering through exporting.


hi sanathv,


API support for exporting Paginated Reports in service is planned but not yet implemented. It is on our roadmap but team will not be getting to it for the next few months.




What is the status of this? I can't seem to find an appropriate answer. It's been 8 months since we saw the response from the Power BI team. Is the fuctionality ready to execute a paginated report in Power BI through an API and get back a pdf?

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Any idea on when PaginatedReportExportConfiguration as found here will be avialable Microsoft?



Hi @Anonymous 


The document says "Currently only exporting a Power BI report is supported. Exporting paginated reports is coming soon.". But not sure when. May be @v-juanli-msft can help?

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Thanks @sananthv 


If @v-juanli-msft can provide more clarity on roughly how far off the ability to export pagintated reports from the service via the API is I would appreciate it.


We are exploring the possibility of moving a legacy on-prem SSRS solution which burst to PDF reports today into the service.


Thank you



Team is currently working on adding support for exporting Paginated Reports through API in service. It's planned for near term. When the feature is availalbe in service we will post an update on Power BI blogs (



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