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Problem with Scheduled Refresh

I'm currently encountering an issue with the Scheduled Refresh feature in the Power BI service. Notable points to consider include the following:

  • The refresh process exhibits intermittent behavior, succeeding at times and failing at others. This inconsistency is mirrored when attempting an on-demand refresh as well.

  • The error message received during these occurrences is as follows:

  • Our server is configured with an 8 GB RAM and a 2-core processor. It hosts both an on-premise data source and an On-premise data gateway.

  • The license type utilized is 'Pro.'

  • Additionally, it's important to note that our server is concurrently running several other services.

This issue poses a unique challenge, and I'm actively investigating potential solutions to ensure consistent and reliable refreshes for our Power BI reports.
@ITSupport @MicrosoftLC I would greatly appreciate any insights you might have on resolving this issue.
Up to this point, we have examined the following
Gateway Health Check: Conducted a thorough health check of the On-premise data gateway to ensure it's operating optimally and is correctly configured.

Network Considerations: Assess network connectivity between the server and the On-premise data source to rule out any intermittent disruptions.

Gateway Updates: Ensure that the On-premise data gateway is updated to the latest version, as updates might include bug fixes or improvements.

Log Analysis: Analyze logs generated during the refresh failures to identify patterns or potential triggers.

Gateway Configuration: Review the gateway configuration settings, ensuring they align with the data source requirements.

Your expertise and guidance in resolving this matter would be highly valuable. Thank you in advance for your assistance!"

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

try to replicate the error with a new simple dataset, also check if your dataset have a parameter in the queries that could be not getting the value correctly and its sendining it to the source to get data and them failing. also unistall and reinstall the gateway to elimanate any posible corruption on the gateway. 


also during the log analysis does the request got to the gateway at the exact time you request the manual refresh? there could be fluctuation on the conection or internet that didnt even log the intent on the gateway. 


this are just a couple of ideas cause the error isnt much exact. also you could open a support ticket for microsoft, they could do a extra analysis for you on the power bi services logs. 

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