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PowerBI Dashboard Best approach?

Hi there


I’m looking for advise on the setup of Power BI Dashboards/Reports and the best way to go about it, given the situation I am in.


The visual

My task is to create a series of Dashboards, each consisting of 1 pagers that it is possible to scroll through (similar to going through different report pages). These dashboards would have to be full screen and fit to the screen window.

The dashboards will have to be updated as frequently as possible (preferably more often than the 48 times a day that the Premium licence offers in terms of Scheduled refreshes).


The data

The data is fetched from a REST API, by forming various queries depending on the visuals that are included in the dashboard. This also means that we are essentially getting a snapshot of how the data looks whenever we refresh (i.e. no DirectQuery). This is working fine in PowerBI Service without a gateway as it’s all in the cloud.


A small portion of the data is also located in PostgreSQL, which we can successfully query locally through PowerBI Desktop, but not on the service (I guess we need a gateway?).



My biggest concern is the update frequency. We would like the data to be as live as possible, but this seems to be difficult as we are not dealing with a DirectQuery source. The best idea we have at this moment is utilising the full screen mode in PowerBI Service when viewing the Report (by creating several report pages, each representing 1 dashboard), and then setting up some auto clicker that presses a Power Automate button to refresh the data every once in a while (while also having an automatic page refresh plugin to refresh the visuals when the underlying data refreshes). This is of course then limited by the time it takes to refresh the data before we can see the actual effects on the visuals. This seems very suboptimal and surely there is a better way for us to go about it.

The 48 times a day that the premium licence offers scheduled refreshes is not often enough, as we don’t want scenarios where we are looking at 30 minute old data.


Any inputs, big or small, would be greatly appreciated. I’m exploring all available options to make this as smooth as possible.

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Super User

Hi @Anonymous ,


It sounds to me like you are looking for a streaming dataset.  There is information here on how to get a streaming dataset - Real-time streaming in Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs.  

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