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Power BI solution for printing report on a website

Hi everyone !

I have some questions about the usage of Power Bi. I May need to implement dashboard inside a website, if possible Instanced for each user and personnalised. 
But if several users can open the same report, could be enought. I've seen the embeded public report solution, but i think there are limitations.

This brings me to a few questions :
Is there a function in PBI that's allow that ? will i need to run PBI on my own server ?  What kind of licence do i need as the one who implement the function ? Will my users need a license ?
Finally, do you have any kind of insight to help me ? 

thank you in advance.

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

@Mazarus  Hey,
1) You have to purchase a Power bi premium licence.
2) Remove sensitive data from power bi data model.
3) using power bi emebeded . you can link your power bi report to any web page and using premium licence your user do not need to licence .


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