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Community Champion
Community Champion

Power BI goals Notifications in teams

hi all,


feb 2022 updates mentioned goal Notifications in teams so Im currently testing.

I am the owner of two goals. 

I have the Power BI App installed in Teams

I keep changing the app and Im not getting anything through in teams.

I added someone else as an owner and at least they are getting teams notifications but Im not. Is there something I may have missed here?


Yes, for status change due to data refreshes we will send to all. There is a small fix regarding this that might not be rolled out, but this is the design. Only for manual changes, we don't send it to the person making the modification.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

I feel like this may be an actual issue possibly? It would be good to get some more feedback on it 

Yes we are waiting for MS feedback on the subject  (issue or not  , feature  not deployed etc ..)  ;>)  

Hi, this is by design currently (open to feedback). For an update to a goal, we do not notify if the owner is modifying the goal themselves. The logic behind this is that for the person doing the change themselves, this notification might seem like spam. Happy to hear your thoughts!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Ah I see. But. If a status changes to another state because of a data refresh. for example to completed. I would still love to have a Teams pop up telling me, even if I have added the goal myself. I feel like it would be useful for everyone to receive notifications in the owners area to avoid confusion. And reading the information I think Im right. if the data is refreshed and things change to completed for example. we should all get a notification?

Yes, for status change due to data refreshes we will send to all. There is a small fix regarding this that might not be rolled out, but this is the design. Only for manual changes, we don't send it to the person making the modification.


Thanks  a lot , but  on my company  nobody (goal owners)  receive a notification  in  case of goals change

Sorry a stupid question --> why goals owners need to have the PowerBI app for Teams installed ? <--according to receive their notifications (in case of a change)


I suddenly have a doubt ;>)
Where do we see the notification , please ?

  • In teams activity or in the teams power bi app ?



How to test power bi notifications to teams other than by goals ? for checking  please 

Hi Christophe


Other than Goals, a straightforward way to test this is by sharing a report. Whenever you share a report with someone and they have powerbi Teams app installed, they will receive a notification. Power BI App must be installed as that is what allows powerbi to send notification to the person. This will show in the regular activity feed. There are some easy ways to rollout installation in your organization Pre-Announcing Automatic Installation of the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Power BI B...

Helper II
Helper II

Hi DebbieE


On my compagnie we are facing the  the same  "issue" as you

On Service  I created 3/4  Goals  and if I  change  target  value  or add a new owner  , no notitification is receiveid on teams  activity (all owners)
For info :  We updated goals values on service directly  or via  teams pbi app   <-- 1st Question : Is this 2second way ,  mandatory for notifications  please ?


2 sc question :  do we need  to setup something more  please ?

than this sone


Urgent to  communicate &  explain  the clear process 
please  MS ;>)  


Best regards









Hi Christophe


The update can be on web or teams app and it should not matter. You should get notifications in both cases. The only other thing needed is that you should have the power BI teams app installed and notifications enabled in it Get notifications in Microsoft Teams about activity from Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

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