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Helper I
Helper I

Power BI - accessing

We have users that are continually getting 'Upgrade to Power BI Pro' prompts.  
- one Non-Pro user has 'Viewer' rights to a workspace but contiually gets the prompt.  She does not get the prompt if using a direct link to the the reports. 
-  while doing live demo with a (non-pro) user today using a shared report the same prompt occurred.  
All of our workspaces are premium capacity.   We're not quite sure what we're missing or if there has been a change of some kind.  
Any input/suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you.
New Member


We have exactly the same. It worked before.

For a few days, a free user get a prompt pro license when he wants to go to the workspace but he can open all the reports of the same workspace by the "shared with me" menu.

We have a capicity premium, the workspace is defined with the new experience workspace. We do all we have to do to have issue but... not works...

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

you using power bi premium per user? or you have a tenant primium capacity? you need to check cause the behaviour and rights are different in the workspace depending on the licing type, primium per user give primiun cap only to those that have primiun per user licence so a pro or free user cant get inside a primium workspace in primium per user, now a primium tenant capacity give free view to the apps to all users but you need a pro user anyeways to enter the workspace to collaborate

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We have a Tenant Premium Capacity.  All of our workspaces are located in it.  We've have not used 'per User'.  The first scenario is a Non-Pro user with Viewer role to a Premium workspace.  If they follow a link to a report they have no issue.  If they try to get to a report through the workspace they get the prompts for Power BI Pro Upgrade.  

because you need to lunch the workspace as a apps no licence user can consume apps, to access the workspace directly thats to colaborate on the report and workspace independtly the user privilage you need a pro licence to enter to a workspace even in primiun capacity, free user can consume freely the apps, you need to enter the workspace and publish as a app the workspace cause entering directly its considerated a contribution action (only pro licence inside a primium capacity can do this)

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Hi, thanks for your replies.  The below article leads me to believe that the Non-licensed viewer should be able to view reports in a premium capacity.  I'm not sure what I'm missing. 


" If the workspace is in a Power BI Premium capacity, users who have the Viewer role but do not have a Pro license can now navigate directly to the workspace and view the content. This helps smaller teams that want stakeholders to have read-only access to all workspace content, but do not want to publish and maintain a Power BI app for this purpose. It’s a really nice usability and efficiency improvement."



again, this tis tru if you have a primium tenant licence, if you have instead a per user primium licence this doesnt apply


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