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Helper I
Helper I

Power BI New App Experience - Access to underlying dataset

Hi Team,


I recently updated to the new App experience, and after tons of issues and fixes I am stuck on a new issue.

Could someone please let me know how to provide app users access to underlying dataset?


Earlier, app had an option, but I cant see the option anymore and new users have started facing access issues.


Can anyone please guide me? The only workaround i found was to provide them access to the workspace which i am skeptical to do!





Helper II
Helper II

This issue is still happening, do you guys know if there has been any changes? Im tired that to share app to a person, I have to go add that account to the audience, add to the security in the dataset for RLS and then have to add direct access to the dataset as well. The first 2 tasks are already 1 too many step but understandable. The last step of adding read access to the dataset is just unnecessary. By adding an account to app audience should already do that.

Not applicable

Exactly same issue here since the new app experience. 

-> New report published to workspace with dataset in same workspace
-> Report added to the app in the 'Content' tab of the 'Update app page'
-> app settings are set to "Allow people to build content with the Datasets in the App" on the "Manage Audience Access" pane
-> Can see correct "App (build)" permissions have been allocated to those app users in the dataset's "Manage Permissions"
-> still users are getting the "you dont have permission to view the underlying dataset" error..

We've tried multiple possible solutions, yet without positive result. Any idea or hint in the right direction would be much appreciated!

A temporary fix I found was to go to the workspace > Dataset > Manage Permissions
and then add users one by one.
But this shouldnt be the case, this defies the purpose of having dataset seperate from the reports.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @bangerasid 

Build rights to the underlyind Dataset(s) in an App are granted on the "Audience" tab, when you Update or Create an App. The options is on the "Manage Audience Access" pane on the right hand side. This pane may be collapsed down to just a "<" , just click on it to open.

See my screenshot, the option you want is "Allow people to build content with the Datasets in the App".


Hope this helps



Thanks for responding,

I did enable the two options, still users are getting error stating "you dont have permission to view the underlying dataset".

Fyi: My reports are using a Power BI dataset, all are in the same workspace.

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