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Advocate V
Advocate V

Power BI Formatting Issue Titles / White Borders in Service

Hi all, I'm coming across a strange formatting issue which is occuring with all Title headers when I publish from Desktop to the service. I was away last week so not sure when this started exactly, but it definitely wasn't like this 2 weeks ago. Where I have titles enabled on my visuals with a colored background, I'm getting a weird white outline/border not visible in desktop which is causing a lot of lost space in visuals and in some cases causes a scroll bar to appear. This is even worse when borders are enabled on a visual. Example:
In Desktop


In Service:


Any idea why this is happening and if there is some feature I've enabled by accident?? Republishing does not fix the issue and editing the report in the service does not provide any additional options. Thanks for the help 🙂


Community Support
Community Support


The current issue seems to have been fixed and many are working as expected.
Here is the issue link for more discussion:

Formatting Issue Titles / White Borders in Service





For other related issues, please search in the issue forum. If the related issue cannot be found, please create your issue.


In addition, the September update has been released.

Power BI September 2021 Feature Summary


Community Support Team _ Zeon Zheng

View solution in original post


Nope - different issue. Also, not seeing any estimated time to mitigate and it's no longer "shortly"

New awareness notification:


"Power BI customers may experience inconsistencies in report visuals, such as overlapping/misaligned content or truncated text. Engineers have identified the root cause and an estimated time to mitigate will be provided shortly."

Play with the zoom setting works only for my slicers not for my text boxes. But perhaps ...

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

FYI I've reported it as an issue here

Thank you! Would be great if everyone replying here would be able to navigate through the link and vote!

Frequent Visitor

Confirming this is also affecting my company and the majority of our reports. Some KPI cards are effectivly unreadable with this. Is there anything Microsoft posts regarding release notes for changes to the Service platform or any confirmation that they may be aware of an issue? 

Advocate V
Advocate V

Buttons are also affected 😞 
In desktop


In service


Looks like all fills now have an offset from the edge! This must be a bug, don't see how/why it would be beneficial to be unable to fill a shape

Advocate II
Advocate II

Same here. All images and text boxes are not displaying correctly in Embedded but weirdly fine in the Service (Chrome and Edge). This needs fixing ASAP.

MS please revert back whatever you did this morning, the change just broke all our reports. 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I'm having the same problem, I don't think it's related to the browser as it came through like that on a Power Automate email and is the same in Power BI mobile.


I could probably find a way around it but it looks fine on Desktop.


Anyone got any idea if it will be reverted back, or should I change every single report I have...

Frequent Visitor

I feel your pain ....

I too are on Chrome - Version 93.0.4577.63



When it is meant to look like this 




Frequent Visitor

Hi @mostvp123 


I am too noticing a strange change that has occurred as of this morning that is very simlar to what you are experiencing. 



Good to hear its not just an issue on my side! If it helps I'm using the Chrome browser. This really is critical as every single business report is looking quite wonky at the moment!

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