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Helper II
Helper II

Pinning Live page to dashboard no longer working in Powerapps

I've previously pinned a report page to a dashboard as a live page and then shared this to Powerapps as a tile.


Powerapps now gives an error message saying "The report shown in this tile doesn't exist or you don't have permission to view it"



The user has permission to view the workspace, report, dataset and dashboard. 

I've tried creating a new dashboard and pinning it to that but that doesn't work either.


However, if I pin a single visual from my report, the tile displays correctly in powerapps.


Has anything changed recently regarding pinning live pages and sharing permissions in powerapps?

Do I need to give the user any other permissions? I am an admin in the workspace and it is not working for me either.


I need to share the whole page to maintain the desired formatting and don't want to delete the report and republish.




Advocate III
Advocate III


today I have pinned a live page to a dashboard and added it to the workspace app but it in the app it just showed a blank page. Then I started searching for a solution and found this topic, that's why I am here.

It's the first time I do that process, so I don't actually know if it should be different or not, so far I just pinned visuals but that doesn't support RLS.

Then I tried to add the report page itself to the app - as a temporary workaround and noticed that both - the dashboard and report are working fine, so then I left the report in the app still, but made it hidden and the dashboard is now working. It must be named the same as the dashboard, otherwise it's showing the permission error.


Hope this helps.

Best regards, Roman

Frequent Visitor

We have exactly the same issue.  All our apps have lost access to view pinned powerBI tiles. 

On Monday 1st at 18:00 GMT it was working correctly.  We noticed that on the 2nd of Feb by 10:00 all apps using pinned tiles were showing the same error.  

Users can access the Report URL from the PowerBI online service however the PowerApps embedded link fails to call the visual.


Any support would be greatly appreciated as all our business applications use pinned PowerBI tiles.

@fraserdear @andy_scott42 

Next to waiting for a response from the community, I'd also file a support ticket with Microsoft if I were you.

If you have a Pro account you could open a (free) support ticket.

Go to the support page to file a support ticket.



Btw, I also forwarded this post to the Power Apps forum, so both communities can work on this together. That way we don't have to follow 2 or more posts.

You can always request for such a syndication from a moderator (Super User) if you think it is applicable. Then you only have to create a post in one of the forums.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi all,

I just spoke to someone of the Product Team and just wanted to let you know there was a regression on the Power BI embed service. The team is working on a fix and hoping to have it deployed by end of week.

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Super User
Super User

Hi @andy_scott42 

From what you are saying it appears that something has changed in PowerApps.


If you can pin a single tile and it works and does not work with a complete page then something has happened. I would ask this question in the PowerApps Forum: Power Apps Community - Power Platform Community (

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Power BI Blog

Thanks @andy_scott42 I have raised this in the PowerApps forum too.  There are three other posts about this in the forum already but no responses or feedback.

Thanks @fraserdear. Are you able to post a link to your powerapps forum post?

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