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Personal Workspace vs Share Workspace

In our corporate environment, we have Power BI Desktop and Pro (no premium). We can publish to our personal workspace or shared workspace. The shared workspaces are created by a Power BI support team and access is restricted to others in the same corporate structure.

We have a data intense Power BI workbook with filters and drop downs (the filter pane is not used). The workbook published to a personal workspace has the same functionality as the desktop. However, when the workbook is published to a shared workspace, the filters do not work the same and all data options are not presented. Even for the same user.

We engaged the corporate Power BI support team and they cannot determine the cause. It seems to me, it must either be an environment issue or data access issue. Suggestions? Thank you.

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Super User

Can you elaborate on what you mean by "the filters do not work the same and all data options are not presented"? Comparison screenshots (Desktop vs. Service, for same user) would help, even if redacted for confidentiality.

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