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Helper III
Helper III

Paginated Reports Rotated text not showing correctly with preview features enabled

Hi, Since the release of preview features (enabled by default for all users) in the paginated reports on the service, we have seen this issue. Text which was rotated (either vertical or rotate270) using the writingmode property (under localization), now behaves as though the cell size is the original setting (not the grown cell size) and will push each word horizontally instead of spacing the string along the cell vertically. 


Reproduction steps:


1. Create a table in a paginated report with a small cell containing a long string which is has writingmode set vertical or rotate270. 


small cell: WheresWally_1-1684305442746.png   Writingmode property:  WheresWally_2-1684305466905.png


2. Publish the report to the service, view it with the preview features enabled (file -> enable preview features).

Problem: WheresWally_4-1684305947172.png setting: WheresWally_5-1684306036004.png



 3. Disable the preview features to see the same string showing properly, centered in the cell showing the whole string regardless of the length or the height or width of the cell. 

censored text, but it's in the right place:  WheresWally_3-1684305565628.png






Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @WheresWally, do you have a repro report for this issue you could send?

Hi Derek, 


Happy to supply one but I've not used one before. I've searched for where to get a template but had no luck. 


Can you point me to where one is please? Also, shall I send it to you directly?



If you could build an example report in Report Builder using Enter Data, that would be very helpful. You can share it with me from a OneDrive link.

Frequent Visitor

We are seeing the same issue. We have to disable preview features to see the text.

If it doesn't break your report (printing/pdf-wise) you could stretch the column horizontally a bit and it will show some text that way. Unfortunately for us our reports have to be set this way to be functional. 

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Thank you, we will look into the issue and fix it.

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