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Impactful Individual

Paginated Report Builder - rendered layout objects staying together

Have a power bi paginated report builder report that I created that is formatting causing 'blank page'.

I understand that the 'blank page' is caused by the layout objects staying together, RB throws the group of layout objects to the next page.

Going through the process of detirmining control and playing around with layout properties.  ie turning off the usual suspects and checking the effect


Screenshot of the layout



Screenshots of the running report

page 2



page 3


page 4



Resolution approach

>  turn property off till we notice an effect :}

>>  RB needs a layout explorer  (see usefull links sections)

+  keeptogether

-   turn everything off = no effect!

+  repeatwith

-   turn everything off = no effect!

+  ‘header’

-   fixedcolumnheader  fixedrowheader, repeatcolumnheader  repeatrowheader

+  pagebreak

-   disable

+  de-construction testing

-   remove layout objects from the bottom up

+  the main tablix is using a rectangle object as a container

-   the rectangle container is needed for Council Plan section which is made up of separate text objects to group them together

-   try splitting this out from one large rectangle container to smaller containers for each section

-   deleting the default created textbox within the cell and inserting a rectangle maxs out to the matrix size

.    there are no anchor points to be able to minimise so can not create multiple containers as needed 

>   insert child rectangle containers into the unmoveable single cell parent rectangle container


Usefull links

+  pbi community forums

-   Power BI Paginated Report Builder - layout zindex parent properties

-   Report Builder - Undocumented error - matrix row group

+  other

-   Rendering report items in paginated reports (Report Builder)

-   Add a rectangle or container to a paginated report (Report Builder)

-   Paginated Report Builder - how to find layout object type if Name property is changed




Will Visual Studio be of help?   ie RB has no layout explorer, would VS assist in this regards.  {cant answer this one yet as the autocratic IT department wont install and no portable to get around this road-block}

Could this issue be a result of overlapping layout objects?  unlike other paginated report tools like Crystal Reports and Oracle Reports where this is less of an issue

What is the 'front runner' reporting tool that works with DAX?  Jasper?  BIRT?

Why does the rectangle container object in the screenshot below not have anchor points?  Because it is placed in/over the matrix governing one cell. 


Interact with the report design surface  so it is a cell with its textbox replaced with a rectangle 




Frequent Visitor

>Will Visual Studio be of help?   ie RB has no layout explorer, would VS assist in this regards
With the Visual studio extension 'Report Server Project', you can see the name list:



Thank you for your input and yes would be interesting but current environ not allowing VS for my role and do not have admin rights for install  to test :}

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