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Option on using PBI Service as a data repository for PBI reports to source data from

I have a scenario where I have to use PBI to retrieve and store data to act as a data source for other PBI reports to consume.
The original source data I need to pull from are mulitple SQL Views, from a single SQL Server, via a Standard Gateway. The reason why I shall be seeking to use PBI for this method is due to not having another integration tool available.

My thinking is to use a Power BI Dataset - so a normal PBI report that I connect to the source SQL Views, via the Standard Gateway, using Import mode.
I then publish that report (although it is simple a Dataset - no visuals) to the PBI Service. The report sits in the PBI Service as a Dataset.
When others need to create PBI reports using that SQL View data they would connect to the published PBI Dataset, which I understand will be in the form of 'Direct Query', and our own in-house data, using Import mode, then they would need to use a 'composite' model PBI report so to consume both Direct Query (PBI Dataset) and Import mode (in-house data).

Is all I've stated correct?
Is there another method to acheive what I need to using the Power BI tool only?

Any confirmation/suggestions will be much appreaciated?

Super User
Super User

Hi @D_PBI ,
Everything you stated is spot on !
This would be the best way to achieve your requirement.


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