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Online refresh of PBI report that includes python script

Hi everyone, I've got an issue, I created a report which pulls data from a web api, after that I do some data transformation, some of which include a python part because I didn't manage to do process the data using power query only.

My issue is that the python script works fine using PBI Desktop but when I publish the report online it doesn't refresh, the whole purpose of this report is that people can access it from anywhere and that it is updated automatically and this last part is an issue because of python.


Did anyone have the same issue ? If so how did you manage to make it work ?


My python script looks like this :

import pandas as pd

pivoteddata = dataset.pivot_table(index=['RecordedData.Items.Timestamp', 'BAC'], columns='TypeData.2', values='RecordedData.Items.Value', aggfunc='first').reset_index()
print (pivoteddata)


Thanks in advance !

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Hi gabrielmabelly.


Unfortunately this is a current known limitation of using R and Python in Power BI. The only way around this is to install and use a personal gateway, to create a connection to your local machine from the Power BI Service: Troubleshoot Power BI gateway (personal mode) - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

I hope my comment was helpful.
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Hi Jonvoge,  from what I saw personnal gateway doesn't allow sharing, do you know by any chance if enterprise allows python connection ?

Do you have any workarround that would allow me to refreh the dataset while keeping the processing done the way it is with python (I don't mind using power query I just didn't find a way to process data the way I want)

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