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Helper II
Helper II

Need urgent help. Power BI file updated by a mistake

Hello. I need urgent help about a bug in a Power BI file. I downloaded it from Sharepoint to desktop. It is connected to Power BI service and it have a scheduled update time. Im not the owner of the report. I was opening the file and somehow some bugs happened that changed some of the pages, I dont know how. And It also updated the file to the service, without me hitting refresh or anyting. 
How could this happen? Did it get overvwritten by another file or something?
I really need help to undo this. What can  I do? It also saved and I cannot regret changes. 

Super User
Super User

@LFM ,
Did you edit and save the report in services? Is anyone else working on the report who might have saved it? Do you have an offline version (without bugs)?

I'm afraid but AFAIK you can't undo the saved changes. If you know how the default view looked, you can edit the report, bring the report to that default view and then save it again.

No I didnt edit and save it in services, but somehow its connected with the file I downloaded from sharepoint. I havent saved it without bugs. 

Hi @LFM ,

Have you solved your problem? If so, can you share your solution here and mark the correct answer as a standard answer to help other members find it faster? Thank you very much for your kind cooperation!



Best Regards

Yilong Zhou


Super User
Super User

Go to the Sharepoint, look at the version history for that file, and restore a prior version.

I have tried that but it seems like the latest version shows the same version as the one updated. And the latest version is just under an hour berfore the newest version somehow.  And when I open it seems like its saving automatically at the same time im opening. So it says last saved at the current moment.

Skjermbilde 2024-06-04 194750.png
Is it some other ways to see older versions?

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